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Designing a Home Office: Part 6 Software

Hello hellooooo everyone. And welcome to today’s post. As the title states this post is Part 6 of a series. I am so excited to share with you today some of the software choices I would consider while working from home. If you haven’t read my most recent post in this series I advise you to do so now!

This, like the other posts, have been repurposed from one of my favorite projects from college.

Software Required

Most companies that you work for would probably supply you with paid-for, licensed copies of the software they need you to have.

However, I would like to start my own small business some day. So I decided to see what it might cost for the whole sha-bang.

Office Software logo

MS office suite and Adobe programs for document processing, file creation and other obvious uses are a must.

Zoom, the communication tool of the century. This one is super necessary.

Zoom Software logo

Avast security and Malwarebytes malware protection for your computer’s and other devices.

A video editing program, NCH Studio is a good one, I think it has a free version.

Audacity is a good audio editing program.

I’m looking into Trello; it is my understanding that it’s like a Microsoft project but a lot cheaper which for a small business starting up would be ideal.

Canva, Alexa, Discord, I have all three, don’t use discord as much as I might in the future.

QuickBooks, TurboTax, I love TurboTax, it makes doing your own taxes a breeze.

QuickBooks Software logo


Windows 10 pro-OS. is great to help manage email subscriptions.

Evernote or you would probably use your OneNote as a digital notebook. (Apparently one note is outdated now, lol.)

Prezi presentation maker, sometimes its nice to not always use PowerPoint.

Outlook for email management.

Chrome with Mozilla Firefox as a backup. This or something like this. A secured browser. I have Avast security, so with that I have an Avast secure browser. I love using this for lots of different things, but I mainly use chrome.

Hootsuite is great for content scheduling too.

Hoot suite Software logo

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What software would you use?

What’s so great about it?

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