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Easy Dinner Idea

Hey everyone and welcome back to my website. Today’s post is going to be a quick and easy dinner recipe. This is something that can be made with minimal ingredients in a minimal amount of time.

This is an easy version of the viral tomato and cheese pasta sauce. But this version can be made with stuff you probably already have in your fridge!

Go ahead and pull out those grape tomatoes that you have in your fridge or buy some if you don’t have any to use up.

You’re also going to need noodles of your choice. Some cream and sour cream and garlic. Don’t worry whatever kind of garlic you have will do. I used minced from a jar but it works great with garlic powder and fresh garlic too.

You can make a big batch of this or a small one. I’m the only one that eats this in my house so I just make a small batch for myself. Since I make a small dish I just use a small pot and do it on the stove.


You’re gonna get that garlic roasting a bit.

minced garlic in a pot

Next you’re going to cut those grape tomatoes in half so the cook down nicely and quicker. I decided to add a little bit of pepper today.

crushing tomatoes and garlic

Let these cook down for a couple of minutes, stir every couple of minutes until the tomatoes are tender enough to start breaking down.

easy sauce


Add some cream. Not a lot, and then add your sour cream. I just eye ball this but the bigger the batch you’re making the more cream and sour cream you’re going to want to add. Mix it all to combine it into a nice sauce and let it simmer while the last cooks. Strain your pasta, I just added my cooked pasta to the same pot the sauce was in to minimize the amount of dishes being used. Then I topped with parmesan cheese this is optional. If you have it it adds a nice cheesy consistency but it’s not necessary. I’ve also added ricotta to cook with the sour cream and that’s been delicious too. I’ve also added fresh spinach as well!

quick and easy dinner

There you have it.

It’s delicious, flavorful and uses minimal ingredients and takes minimal time to good. But it’s super filling. I like to use egg noodles with this. The one’s I have are high in protein and iron so it makes this recipe really healthy too. You can add whatever you’d like to this and use whatever brand of cream and sour cream. You could probably also mimic this with other types of tomatoes too. Feel free to tweak this as you’d like.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this little post. If you try this quick and easy dinner at home then let me know how you like it. Let me know how you tweaked the recipe too! I’d love to hear your additions.

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