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Spring Must Have’s!

Helloooo everyone, with spring finally here and the nicer spring weather already making it’s appearance during the March break I’ve started thinking about spring essentials and must haves!

I live in Canada. Out here we experience a really large variety of weather. Last week it was snowing. The week of March break went up to 19. And then a week later we’re down to -10 with a side of snow flurries. Easter weekend we were back up to almost 10!!!

Needless to say, I’ve experienced every season this month.

Raincoat/Utility Coat

It was quite warm today but when I left early in the morning it was chilly. I wore my black raincoat today because it’s perfectly light enough on a warmer day and wind-blocking enough for the chilly mornings. I think a light raincoat is as fashionable as it is the perfect transitional piece of outerwear.

Spring raincoat

Spring Flats and Sandals

I feel like these are good any time of year depending on your workplace and mode of transportation. But there is something particularly fun about them during the spring months. And there are so many choices and designs and outfit combinations!!!! Growing up I hated socks and sandals but now I loveee wearing them during the spring and fall as we transition from cold to hot and hot to cold. socks are a crucial part of the transition.

White Jeans

Because what is spring without white jeans and cute colored Capri pants.

Running Shoes

I’d say these are 100% essential. They’re good for any type of weather (besides the snowy months) and they look so good with active wear which is another must have during the spring! I love a good activewear outfit!

Spring workout

Chunky Sunglasses

Or whatever style you like!

Cross Body Bag

For me, this is ideal so I can keep my purse items to a minimum but still have the necessities. Ideally, the bag is small. A small purse or a fanny pack are great options. I have a great one from a random Amazon brand as well as a Champion brand one.

Spring cross body pack


April showers bring May flowers ❀️🌺🌻🌼🌷🌱πŸͺ΄


I absolutely love the Norwex sunscreen. It has so many amazing benefits including defense from blue light. Follow my link if you’re interested in more information on the sunscreen. You can even make a purchase!

Towel Scrunchie

These are great for days when you’re on the go. Wrap your hair up in a low bun right from the shower and conquer the day! I have the plain pink ones and they are my absolute favorite. If only Norwex made some!

Spring Iced Tea

I’m not talking that stuff full of sugar though. More like a steeped tea bags chilled or with lots of ice! So delicious. I just made the most delicious recipe ever. Keep your eyes out for that post!

Fizz Sticks

Not only do these taste amazing but there are so many more benefits. It’s a healthy replacement to pop and theyre packed with vitamins. It’s only 15 calories and it’s diabetic friendly. I always have one other two of them on a Thursday afternoon to help me stay up late enough to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Cute Spring Rain Boots

I like to keep it simple with black ones. They go with everything.

My raincoat and my boots are black. When I wear colored leggings with them that pop perfectly. So cute during the spring.

Some Nice Spring Dresses

Norwex Cleaning Supplies

For all the spring cleaning!

Cute Spring Water Bottle or Cup

This is great for increasing your water intake. And if you get a cute cup instead with a straw it will be perfect for summertime fizz! Just don’t get one of those Stanley’s. Apparently you’re paying large amounts of money to give yourself led poisoning.

Norwex Mattress Cleaner

It’s almost time for spring cleaning and one of the things I just had to restock is my norwex mattress cleaner. This is good in all seasons but I love using this in spring combo’ed with open windows for fresh crisp air. It feels like sleeping on air. To learn more follow this link!

Tinted Moisturizer

Preferably one with SPF!

A Travel size Envirocloth

A counter cloth would also be a great substitute. These are great to have on hand no matter where you are.

Travel size Face & Body cloth

These are great for the hotter spring days when your makeup starts melting off. Or maybe you don’t wear makeup, you just need to refresh yourself with a clean face.

They actually come in a set together including a travel size window cloth which is great for things like cleaning your glasses or cellphone in a pinch if you don’t have one of their optic scarves.

Arbonne Lip Oil

For the perfect glossy but healthy lips this is a must.

Spring Cardigans

These are critical for those breezy shady moments.

Your Favorite Spring Wine

I love the XOXO brand Pinot Grigio sangria its delightful. It’s lightness is perfect for spring evenings.

Spring Sangria

I’m Sure if I wanted to this list could go on and on but then I’d be working on this post until the middle of Summer. This is what I think is essential for the Spring of 2024. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you liked my content.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post! Please feel free to add and share what’s on your Spring must haves and essentials list in the comments section below! What can you not live without this spring?

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