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Christmas Gifts for a College/University Student

Hello helllooooo, everyone. And welcome to today’s post. We may still be in the Fall season but it’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts!

I’m about 75% done shopping for my Christmas gifts and the people on my list which is always a good feeling.

Someone I always find had to shop for is my sister and her boyfriend. I usually figure out some awesome things for my sister, but Christmas gifts for her boyfriend is always a challenge. They are both university students living abroad.

If you have some college and university students in your life and you have absolutely no idea what Christmas gifts to get them this holiday season this list is for you!

Coffee Cards

Whatever coffee shop os local or on campus would be a great idea. Starbucks is usually great but the menu is costly so $25 would only get less than a handful of coffee. McDonalds are everywhere and they have decently priced delicious coffee. Tim Hortons and Dunkin Donuts are also very popular depending on where you live and what’s available. The funds you put on the card would probably go a long way somewhere like McDonald’s. Regardless any little bit helps and if they don’t have to think twice about being able to afford that coffee before their 6 am lecture that will mean a lot to them.


Life is tough when you’re in school. Student loans, rent, groceries, having a life, bills. It all adds up. Cash is one of the best Christmas gifts to show someone you love them by giving them a release from financial stress. I you don’t want to pay cash offer to pay a bill for them. If you can afford it maybe even cover it for a couple of months and pay it in advance. This will also help their credit scores improve as well ☺️

Grocery Cards

This is pretty much for the same reasons I just mentioned. The Christmas gift of reducing stressors is paramount. It is allowing them to focus on their studies and accomplish their full academic potential.

Christmas gifts, cards

Ramen bowl

A lot of people are eating Ramen these days whether it’s from the package or a fancy restaurant. Level up their ramen game with a nice fancy bowl and chopstick set.

Ramen bowls

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

These seem to be really popular with the kids these days. And considering the warmth-to-comfort ratio I totally get why.

Photo Hanging Lights

These are perfect for making their dorm or apartment cozy, warm, and inviting and the photos they can hang make for the perfect reminder of their loved ones and fun memories. Especially when they’re missing home.

Christmas gifts, lights

Electric Hot Pot

These hot pots sound hot and I don’t just mean temperature-wise. They’re the perfect small appliance for when they need their kraft dinner fix while studying!

This leads me to my next item!

Case of Kraft Dinner or Ramen or Both!

This one is self-explanatory!!!

Amazon Fire Stick

Because it’s nice to watch something once in a while. Or even while getting homework done! Lots of people like the background noise!

Tumbler or Water Bottle

These kids gotta stay hydrated πŸ’¦

Bed Rest Pillow

This one will come in handy for many things. I got this as a Christmas gift years ago. Working at a desk the whole time can get boring and sometimes a change of scenery and comfort levels is necessary. They make some with extended backs which is amazing for added neck support. Besides doing homework in bed I’ve also used mine as added support directly in my computer chair. Or simply for watching tv and movies propped up in bed.

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give is comfort.

Back Pillow Christmas gifts

Portable Shower Caddy

A lot of University students have communal bathrooms. This means that the dorm they live in has a shared bathroom and shower. Or maybe they rent a house with multiple roommates. A portable preferably plastic or mesh shower caddy. This allows for the water to drain quickly so they can bring it back to their room without dripping everywhere.

Extra Long Phone Charger Cords

Just trust me on this one!

Portable Charger

For days when they don’t have access to a plug between or during classes.

Blue Tooth Speaker

A Snack Box

The nighttime munchies happen quickly! Best for them to have a good box full of goodies stocked and loaded.

Christmas gift goodie box

Coffee/Coffee Pods

Find out what they use to make their coffee. Tassimo? Keurig? Nespresso? Or just a good old coffee maker. Then make sure they have a hefty supply.

Microwave Popcorn Bowl

Or a popcorn maker. Popcorn is a popular, quick and easy snack.

Popcorn bowl


These are great for doing homework in all sorts of places or for watching tv on your laptop when you need a break from homework!


Some nice wall tapestries can be found for a decent price on Amazon. The great thing about them is there are so many different kinds to choose from. They are a great way to elevate a room and make it your own even while renting. I have a couple that are up all year round and then I have a fall-themed one and a winter-themed one.

Tapestry Christmas gifts

Flash Drive

These are super amazing for college and university students to have. It’s great to back up data. It’s great for students who travel back and forth to school. It’s also great for storing class files. If you use the school computers this is the only way you’ll get access to your data on the go.

Gift Cards

For basically the same reasons as cash and coffee cards!

Personal Safety Alarm

With all the unfortunate things that can and do happen in this day and age, it’s better to be prepared than not. Personal safety alarms come in many styles but whatever you choose the louder the better!!!!!!

Safety device

Cold brew coffee maker

Because some people love their iced coffee!

Moon Lamp

Apparently, these are really cool. They look gorgeous, and have benefits too! They are supposed to mimic the moonlight typically found in someone’s backyard. But besides this type of light being elegant in a subtle manner and creating a beautiful natural light ambiance it has other benefits too.

They’re great for promoting relaxation and reducing eye strain. They have also been known to improve the quality of your sleep as well which is so important when you’re lacking in hours slept! They improve the aesthetic of a living room or bedroom.

Amazon Alexa

These devices are great for so many things and with students trying to juggle school work and a social life, some of them work and are living on their own for the first time. This in itself provides multiple challenges and hurdles for them. When’s the best day to do their laundry? Will they then remember to do it? Alexa has so many helpful features. Timers, alarms and reminders are some of my favourites!

Outlet Extender with USB Ports

In dorm rooms, and shared rentals they can be lacking outlets. An outlet extender or an extension cord could be a great option for students. especially ones with USB ports. this can allow them to charge their laptop while also charging their phones and their Bluetooth headphones. I have many for my little apartment and they are truly a lifesaver!

Outlet extender Christmas gifts

Blue Light Glasses

For students who already wear prescription glasses, chances are that by now in the year 2023, they have a blue light blocker coating on their lenses. For students who don’t wear prescription glasses then a cute or masculine pair of blue light-blocking glasses could come in very handy. Gone are the days when everything id done by pencil and paper and through reading books. I mean there are still lots of reading books.

However, a lot of students opt for digital versions of textbooks. A lot of homework is done on the computer and at least a large component is. and then when they’re not doing homework the chances are that they could be using a phone tablet laptop or TV to some extent. This Christmas give the gift of perfectly styled and selected protective eyewear.


A cute little bookshelf will help add storage spaces for them to store textbooks or books for reading!

Wax warmer

This helps make their living space wherever they live smell nice πŸ™‚ I personally love Scentsy products. They are safer than average ones you can buy at Walmart and they don’t release carcinogens when the was is melting.

Basic Scentsy Warmer christmas gifts

Oil Diffuser

These can have many benefits and when using essential oils the benefits are many. each different oil has a different benefit!



Weighted Blanket

These are great for helping people sleep especially if this is their first year away from home! but they don’t just provide comfort and security. They have been known to ease stress and improve sleep quality while soothing symptoms of anxiety and calming someone’s nervous system. All in all they make great choices!


Get them a subscription to Nexflix of Amazon Prime! If they already have one get them a gift card to cover the payments for a couple of months.

Netflix Logo

Air fryer

Even if they have a small amount of space air fryers don’t take up to much space. they cook great meals or side dishes and can be super useful.

Personal Blender

An experience

Look up what kind of experiences are in their area. Get them a movie card, of a rock climbing gift certificate. or a spa and massage! experiences are the new hot gifts!

Sad Lamp

Similar to a moon lamp although different in many ways, a SAD lamp mimics sunlight. They’re perfect during the winter months and they are great for people with smaller windows. They’re called SAD lamps because they are helpful with reducing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder by reducing the production of melatonin. in turn, it promotes the increase of Serotonin production in the brain.

SAD lamp Christmas gifts

Well, that’s it, folks.

With Christmas quickly approaching what Christmas gifts do you think will be a hit for your loved ones?

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