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Disney Immersive Studios Trip

Have you ever heard of the Disney Immersive Studios experience? It’s been popping up all over my Facebook for almost a year now and I finally decided it was time for us to go.

Today I’m going to share how our experience was, if we thought it was worth it and what else we did while we were there.

We got tickets for mid afternoon and we left early so we could spend the day in Toronto. It was amazing.

We took the go bus there which was surprisingly so cheap. It was like $10 each way. I packed a picnic lunch. When we got there we walked down to the harbor front where we had a picnic together looking out onto the water. Then we went for a walk along the harbor front. The breeze was super nice down by the water and the view was so pretty. Along the board walk there was this little part where there were stairs that went down closer to the water so we went down to get closer. It was really fun.

Afterwards we walked to this cafe with frozen yogurt and we shared some frozen yogurt. It’s was super delicious and came with like 3 different toppings. We still had time to kill before the show started so we spent some time at the cafe just hanging out. Elayna colored while I read some of the book I brought. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series. My daughter and I absolutely like the movies but I can’t ever remember reading the books. This past Christmas Santa brought me the entire series and I finally started reading them!

Then it was time to head over to the immersive event. We got there early to beat the lineup. We checked out the souvenir shop and unfortunately everything was super basic and over priced. Nothing was really like a memorable and meaningful souvenir it was all just overpriced merchandise. Not even an experience-themed t-shirt, magnet or keychain. So I couldn’t justify spending such a large amount of money on anything they had.

After checking out the merchandise we went into the pre-show rooms. They had 2 pre-show rooms and the first one had food vendors. They were super overpriced but it was a day of having fun so I bought us some popcorn to share. The walls were covered in artwork and character sketches throughout the ages. It was beautiful to look at. There were interactive stations where you could see the sketches come to life. And there were even stations with instructional placemats showing you step-by-step how to draw popular characters. The paper and pencils to try it out we’re all provided.

The second room had claymation statues of some characters with more drawings on the walls. There was a huge map of the world with location markers for some of the latest and most popular and beautiful destination inspirations for the movies. This was super cool to look at and learn about. I love that they added this part.

Then you walk into the “vault” they “lock the vault” and the show begins. At the beginning of the show, you’re asked to throw a special wish into the sky to help Mickey come to life. The show itself was wonderful to watch. It was a combination of beloved and magical scenes and songs throughout the ages of Disney movies. The floor also had immersive elements throughout the show which was super fun.

There was a part where the floor turned into lava that a lot of the kids loved. Especially mine. “Mommy the floor is lava the floor is lava”. I think my favourite part besides, well, everythinggggg was the bubbles. They had bubbles at certain parts of the show and misting too. When the bubbles came down during Elsa’s frozen part the bubbles had smoke inside of them to simulate frozen ice bubbles. I thought this part was so cool. So did Elayna.

They even had a part highlighting the villains because you can’t forget about them.

It was totally magical and I’m so glad I took my daughter and shared this experience with her. She had such a great time. Seeing the look on her face and watching her running around and dancing and truly enjoying herself made my day.

Then after the show was done we walked back to union station. The bus home didn’t come until later on so we went to this super fancy restaurant where we shared a kid’s meal that had more than enough food for the both of us. Because we didn’t want a heavy cake for dessert we went and got more frozen yogurt to share.

Then we explored the city a little more while staying close to the bus station before finally boarding the go bus to come home. It was a truly magical day! The tickets do cost a lot of money but to go once and enjoy the experience is definitely worth it in my opinion.

My daughter said she loved it just as much as Disney on Ice and I think it was pretty great in comparison to Disney on Ice. I think my daughter really enjoyed getting up and running around throughout the show. The immersive experience definitely has its benefits and so does Disney on ice.

The immersive experience is said to be a really great supplement to the “Fantasmic” show at the actual Disney theme parks. As someone who has been to those and seen them at different ages and stages in my life, I have to disagree with that. I don’t really feel that it was anything even similar to the “Fantasmic” show.

It is honestly nowhere as good as the “Fantasmic” show. If you ever get the chance to experience that show it’s amazing.

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Have you been to the Disney Immersive Experience? What were your thoughts on it?

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