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Designing a Home Office: Part 7 Supplies

Hey everyone. It’s time for part 7 of my designing a home office series! Today we’re going to talk about supplies that are needed.

It’s been a while since I have posted. And soon you’ll be able to see why. I have been spending the past couple of months redoing and renovating my kitchen in my basement apartment. It’s been a process filled with love and happiness and it’s turning out beautifully. I’ve also started a new job and 2 side hustles so life has been super busy these days but all for good reasons.

But today’s topic is following a series I’ve been talking about in recent posts. If you haven’t been following along from the start I suggest you check out posts 1-6. Soon my home office will be getting a makeover too. But before I keep getting off-topic topic, today I will be sharing part 7 of Designing a Home Office. Let’s talk about some of the supplies required!

Office Supplies

Supplies Required


These have got to be one of my favourite things to shop for. The stationary isles of the dollar stores are filled with amazing goodies. It’s an admins dream.

They’re also the most basic supplies that most offices always have and need. I know I run out of sticky notes like there’s no tomorrow. When I have a smooth gliding pen in my hand nothing feels better


Scissors are a must.

Pens of different colors. (black, blue, and red).

Pencils, erasers.

Post-it notes are an absolute must. In all different sizes too! They have so many uses. I’m a post it note junkie!

Printer paper for your printer! Along with toner and or ink cartridges depending on what kind of printer you have!

Manilla folders are important for many things. They have so many different uses but are best used for keeping things organized inside and outside of your filing cabinet.

Pins and clips

Label paper for mailing things to client’s, for labeling things. Whatever you can think of needing them for. You’d find them in an office.

Highlighters are important for sectioning out important parts of documents and tasks.

Permanent markers (thick and thin, black, blue, and red).

Paper clips, Binders and binder clips (various sizes).

Stapler and staples.


Tape dispenser, plus extra rolls of tape, Glue sticks, Rubber bands. Pencil sharpener, 3-hole punch, Calculator.

In/Outbox for paperwork.

Desk drawer organizer to keep all these little supplies separated and organized.

Return address labels.

Stationery/thank you cards. These are great for sending notes to clients. I feel that hand writing them gives a personal touch.

Notepads of all sorts (loose or bound, your choice).

Hanging file folders, plus tabs, Pocket or accordion file folders, File labels, Index dividers, white-out tape or liquid white-out.

A binding machine but that depends on what your company does.

Envelopes of all sorts

Personal Supplies

Agenda, Calendar & Planning Supplies to help keep organized.

Calendar for your desk or wall version to help see appointments and meetings at a glance.

Office Supplies

Planner, To-do list.

Tissues and sanitizer, hand lotion, water bottle, oil blotting sheets for your face to freshen up between meetings.

Hand warmer. At least this was essential for me. I’m anemic and I have my apartment in the basement meaning my office can get pretty çold in the winter months and so doy hands while typing and working.

Jump drive and an external hard drive.

Tech cleaning cloth from norwex. These have so many benefits and can clean all types of technology and without water or any harsh chemicals that may damage screens over time.

The Norwex glasses cleaning cloth is great to have as well. It cleans more than just glasses. They’re great for screens on computers, tablets, cellphones too! Since I have started using these two norwex items my technology and glasses have never been cleaner. The cloths remove up to 99.9% of germs dirt and bacteria from surfaces without any harsh chemicals or toxins. And without water too!

Norwex Optic Scarf

Personal fan for summer. Personal humidifier for someone who can’t fit a larger one like I have into their space. Essential oils, Norwex timeless rescue gel, lip balm (both of these can be found by following the link before this and using the search bar.)

Cleaning supplies

For cleaning, I use Norwex supplies. It’s a more sustainable and safe way to clean. Getting rid of harmful chemicals from my cleaning routine and replacing them with enzymes and special cleaning technology has been life-changing. I have a plethora of their clothes and cleaning solutions as well as their mop. My favourite is the Norwex dusting mitt for dusting everything. I also have some of their bathroom cleaning supplies too.

Kitchen/Food and Drink

Coffeemaker, Microwave, Spoons/forks/knives, Coffee mugs, Drinking glasses. Plates, Towels/Napkins, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Creamer/milk, Water (bottled or cooler). Dish soap, Sponge/dishcloth, Dishrack.

Make some coffee with me!

Restroom supplies

Toilet tissue, Norwex chenille hand towels, Hand soap, Air freshener, Trash bags, small broom/dustpan. Feminine products, Floss. I also have a pack of floss picks at my desk. Sometimes eating at my desk just happens and I need to have my appearance covered.

Home office supplies


Envelopes of assorted sizes, stamps, bubble wrap and sealing tape for packages. Brown paper for wrapping packages, assorted sized boxes, mailing labels. Mailing scale and postage printer that’s compact. Waybills, preprinted labels from other companies.

The possibilities are endless and now that I’m working in an office again in person there àre so many more things I could add to this post. But the whole part of this series is to share my work from my time in college so I will keep the informative part of today’s post at just that.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! If you haven’t read any other parts of the series then follow this link to the previous post!

What’s an essential supply you have in your home office? Let me know in the comments below!

Designing a home office


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