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Hocus Pocus 2 – I loved every minute!

Let me just start off by saying wow.

Just wow!

If you read my post about Halloween movies, then surely you know that by now I’ve seen Hocus Pocus two. If I’m being honest, it’s amazing. I’ve watched it at least 30 times by now. It’s that good. I meant to get this post out much sooner but life happens.

I’ll start at the beginning scene of the movie. We get to learn about how Winifred, Mary and Sarah first came to be witches and it’s such a good story. I don’t want to go to into detail because I know some people possibly have not seen it yet. But it really speaks to the era they were “born” in (the witches) as well as the customs and beliefs of Salem at that time.

The young lady who plays young Winifred is simply amazing. She is played by the lovely Taylor Paige Henderson. And like there better be an award with her name on it. She perfectly portrays the attitudes, behaviours and mannerisms of Winnie. I have no words for how amazing her performance is.

The other young ladies who play her SISTERRRRSSS are just wonderful too. The little bark and the mouth thing that Mary’s got going on is portrayed perfectly through the likes of Nina Kitchen. Then the scattered brain flirtatious aspects of Sarah are played out seamlessly by Juju Journey Brener.

They also do a wonderful job of sharing how the 3 came to be witches. We also learn where BoOOOoooOOOk came from. The beginning of the movie also foreshadows the end a bit before making an abrupt flip to current day times.

Now them haters gonna hate and say that it’s super cheesy because of all the updates and I’ve actually heard people saying it sucked compared to the first one because of the modernization.

But they can’t just do it like they used to. We have better tools and technology. These days so I feel it would be a lot harder to visit historical ways. And on top of it all, these women are getting up there in age. Backtracking to historical filming production might not even be safe for them.

I think the modernization adds to the movie. My daughter absolutely loves the part with the potions and lotions at the Walgreens. And this scene wouldn’t have made sense in the first movie but in modern times it does!

Without giving away other good details, I will leave you all with this, if it wasn’t for the modern capabilities we now have with the filmmaking industry, the ending wouldn’t have been as beautiful as it was. The majestic glittery ending was done so immaculately by Disney.

I would love to talk about the entire movie scene for scene, but I can’t possibly do so without spoiling everything.

If you have seen it, what was your favorite part of the movie?

If you still haven’t seen it yet, what are you looking forward to about it the most?

Leave your answers in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

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