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5 Eco Friendly Gifting Tips

No matter what time of year it is it seems like gifting season never ends. Weather it’s Christmas, Birthdays, an anniversary or some other occasion you celebrate there’s always a way to make conscious choices. I’m gonna share a couple of fun tips to make conscious and eco-friendly gifting easier than ever.

Make the cards!

This one is generally for kids. Give them some printer paper or construction paper. This one is such a sweet idea of mine. As a parent myself I keep a lot of cards and I 100% keep the handmade cards.

You never know who your kids will be friends with 20 years from now. But my mom kept mine from my childhood and when I went through them all 20 years later and was still in contact with a lot of my friends from my childhood I got super emotional. It was such à joyful moment to read them all and reflect on the many memories we have created over the years.

Another great thing about this is you save money too. If you’re a parent, the chances of already having some craft supplies on hand are high.

You could also buy handmade birthday cards as opposed to store bought. This helps support local small businesses. I like to add some seed paper to mine.

Gift Wrap

In this day on age, it’s not uncommon to receive packages. Some of which will come with some type of filler paper. I like to keep some of the brown and white paper. Not the little shredded peices either. I’m specifically talking about the larger peices with this idea. (Although you could reuse the crinkly shreds too somehow.) I like to use the larger peices to wrap gifts. It gives it a cute rustic look while doing good for the earth at the same time.

Reuseable Gift Bags

I have started using these and I love them. They come in lots of sizes designs and patterns. They’re great for so many things!

Gift Experiences

As consumers, we have been brainwashed into feeling like we need or want everything we see. Call it what you want but there’s way too much consumer greed in this world. We can help minimize this by gifting thoughtful experiences instead of physical things. Let’s start giving our loved ones the gift of memories.

Gift Seed Paper

I make my handmade seed paper and I love gifting it to people. It’s kinda like a gift and an experience. The experience of connecting with nature and the excitement of nurturing the growth of something. When I make my seed paper I use wildflowers so that way I’m also promoting a healthy and inviting habitat for bees!

There you have it. Those are my top 5 tips for eco friendly gifting. I hope you found this post helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

What tips do you have for eco friendly or sustainable gifting? Let me know in the comments s cation beellooowwww.

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