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Hair Color Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! (This post has been carried over from my very first website and Is old and being updated, Stay tuned for the commentary.) I hope you all had a good weekend. I’ve been thinking really need to work on getting into a schedule of posting. (I still haven’t gotten into a routine. I’m really just winging it for now still.) It’s honestly just so complicated to set a precise time when life gets in the way so much. (Still true.) Today I want to talk to you about some Hair Colour I have tried and share my thoughts on it.

Garnier’s Hair colour Olia Shade 5.60.

I recently (as in years ago) used it when I coloured my hair about a week (and some years) ago and I have been really wanting to post about it! I hope many of you have tried this product too! Let’s get chatting in the comments about Garnier Olia after you finish reading the post! (I haven’t used this product since but not due to the quality. More so because I have had my hair professionally coloured a couple of times since and have taken a break from colouring it all together.)

olia hair colour

So the product I used to colour my hair was the Garnier Olia in shade 5.60. This was the first time I used this hair colour line. Usually, I don’t colour my hair too often with a store-bought product but when I do touch up between salon appointments, I often use the Garnier Nutrisse Line. One day I stumbled upon the Garnier Olia when it was on sale. So I decided to give it a try.

Looking at the opportunity to not only try something new while it’s on sale but also get a blog post out of it too, gave me great temptation to buy it. So I did. The Garnier Olia Line has approximately 35 different colours in their line. (That was at the time this post was written. I’m not sure if there are more colours now.)


So, What makes the Garnier Olia line different from the rest? It is different because it’s the first and only home hair colour kit that is ammonia free. It uses natural flower oils to achieve its vibrant colours! These oils are supposed to have benefits for your hair. Like, to visibly improve its appearance, roughness, and vibrancy over time. This is game-changing.

So, this is odd I know and, I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this. (Since I was actually told to do this by another hairdresser.) But when I was younger I was told to actually leave hair colour in my hair for a significant amount of time longer than the box tells me to.

I know I know, it’s ruining my hair, it’s a terrible thing to do. Alas I still do this when using box colour though.

I personally don’t think it is that bad, I haven’t looked into that fact too much. But you go to the salon and they leave the colour on your hair for about 45min to an hour so I generally leave it on for about the same time. It’s never hurt my hair. And I actually have always come out with a beautiful glossy healthy finish no matter what product I have used (I have only tried a few). It also still works efficiently to this day and my box dye lasts significantly longer before washing out.

Lucky me but, it always seems that the hair colour doesn’t have a harsh effect on my hair. It could be because I don’t colour my hair every month or so either. I typically only colour it one to two times a year. But, enough rambling.

Photo of myself over 7 years ago

The point is, I leave my hair colour on my hair for a significant amount longer than specified and depending on how experienced you are personally, I would NOT try that at home… if I hadn’t gone to school for this kinda stuff and known the risks then I wouldn’t have done it.


So to apply the hair colour I mixed it into the dispensing bottle that it comes with, put on the gloves, and started with my roots. I ended up using two bottles. Because I was about 3/4 done with the first bottle when I finished my roots.

Wow, who knew I had that much hair again, YAYY!!! I did have a bit of extra product left over so, I just deposited the rest on my hair, the more the merrier. It’s always best to make sure that the hair is nice and saturated in the hair colour. This is so that each strand is evenly coloured.

After about an hour had gone by I hopped in the shower and rinsed out all the product from my hair, then I did shampoo and put on the conditioner that comes in the box. I pinned up my hair with the conditioner in it for about 10min while I did some other showerly things. I got out and towel-dried my hair for a bit and then blow-dried the rest of it. The colour looked great, very vibrant and red!!! At this point, I was very pleased.

My Thoughts

I feel like the product lives up to what it says it’s supposed to do, at least for the most part. It gives you great vibrant colour without the use of ammonia, and my head didn’t burn or itch the slightest. The timer was up before I even knew it.

Meanwhile, I loved the initial product it’s been about a week almost two now. I have washed my hair less than I normally would because of the hair colour and, unfortunately, I feel like it washes out way quicker than other home hair colour kits. It was no longer vibrant after the second wash and, it still bleeds many washes longer than supposed to as well.

I feel like that might be on purpose since this product is sort of like depositing a bunch of oils rather than a chemical reaction happening within the shaft. That explains why they advertise that it could visibly improve the quality of everyone’s hair.

I’m glad that the product doesn’t damage your hair and when I first washed my hair the vibrancy was amazing. So my thoughts on the pros and cons of this product…

Another photo of myself about 7 years old now.


  • safe to use on hair because no ammonia, no itch, no burn,
  • the product lives up to expectations for the most part.


  • the product doesn’t last as long as other store-bought brands it washes out very quickly and bleeds for a while.
  • it washes out very quickly and bleeds for a while.

I think I will use Garnier Olia again a few more times. Just to compare results and see how long it lasts until it stops bleeding. (I have not done this) I love testing and playing around with products and it did not damage my hair! At this point I would like to say that I would recommend it but I would like to try the product a few more times before I actually tell everyone to go out and try it. I like how the product was safer to use on your hair but, considering how quickly it washes out I’m wondering if there was a little bit of a marketing scheme behind it to get you to buy more products.

Final Thoughts

So, my final thoughts about this product are neutral for the time being. I enjoyed using the product and it did live up to the label’s claims but unfortunately, it washes out a little bit too quickly for my liking so far. I do plan on trying the product again a few more times and I will also be keeping you updated on the washout and the next times I use the product. If you’re interested in purchaseing this product click the link below!

Photo sharing the hair colour, photo is about 7 years old.
displaying the hair colour, colour is quite washed out.

How many of you use the Garnier Olia or have tried it? What do you think of the product? How did your experience go? Does it compare to your normal “go to” store brand? Let me know what you think everyone!

Thanks for reading my post and don’t forget to follow me on my social media, Twitter and Instagram!!! I hope you all have a great week! To check out the best cleaning products I’ve used in the last 5 years, check out one of my latest posts!



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