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Tip Tuesday

Hi everyone so today I’m going to talk about an extremely important piece of advice/tip that I received while I was pregnant. It’s probably something you have heard before but It really is important.

Tip Tuesday
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The funny thing is, I really didn’t listen to this advice at the beginning of my postpartum Journey as much as I should have. And this is why I am sharing it with you guys.

Some of the advice I received was usually along the lines of “do everything you love doing for yourself now while you still have time” nap as much as you can before and after labour” or the very popular “nap when baby naps”

Let me tell you I really regret not listening to the “Nap when Baby Naps.” This one is probably the most important one.

Mind you I find it extremely hard to nap during the day when it’s light out. Even when I use to work overnights and would come home to sleep, I would have trouble sleeping. Even if there was barely a shred of sunlight in my room.

But really that’s something I wish I had done more of. Nap while she napped as a baby. It would have saved me tonnes of exhaustion.

And so my advice/tip to you:

Soak up every inch of it now while you still can. And if you get the chance to sleep just sleep. Don’t think you have to do everything for everyone right at the first chance of having a second to yourself. The most important thing is taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your new baby to the best of your abilities. So please, Nap, rest, let your body heal and enjoy all those extra zzz’s while you have a chance. Especially while the LO is still very much into cuddling!

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