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Make your House Smell Delicious during Christmas

Something I did this past Christmas and winter season was some simple simmer pots. They smelled delicious and seasonal. The fresh aroma filled my house pleasantly. In today’s post I’m going to tell you how I did it!

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So first things first!

What is a simmer pot? This is what I was originally asking myself.

Welllllll currently I was pretty sure it’s just a name I made up for boiling things in person. But apparently I didn’t make it up myself and its actually a real thing. People have been using them for centuries!


It’s quite simple.

I peeled a couple clementines we were going to eat. I added them to a pot full of water and added a spoon of cinnamon. Apple peels would also work as well! Some people like to add cranberries.

Christmas simmer pot

Bring the pot to a boil then put it on low and let it simmer while the aroma fills your house! The aroma gets released into the air through the steam filled with the natural oils from the fruit peels and anything else you decide to put in.

It’s best to do this while doing something else close by. Never leave the stove unattended. I would usually do this after dinner while cleaning up and doing dishes.

It’s a simple and beautiful way to fill your house with authentic seasonal smells.

It’s also a great way to holistically recycle some food scraps!

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What’s your favorite way to bring the smell of Christmas to life? What goes in your simmer pot?

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