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Norwex Haul

I loveeee Norwex. Like so much so that when my rep dropped off my package I jumped for joy and ran to the door. Norwex is such a well-intended brand and I love what they stand for and how their proud ts work. (This post has been carried over from my previous website and will have minimal updates and commentary throughout.)

I think the thing I love most about Norwex products is that they safe and effective to use for cleaning. When you have children and even pets, you want to know that the surfaces they eat off of, that they’re touching even the surfaces your dog or toddler may or may not be licking are not only clean but free of chemicals. At least this is super important to me.

Not to mention while these products are chemical free they’re also great for the environment and they’re also waste-free as they can be! If you’d like to read the first review I’ve ever done on their products follow the link.

Today’s post will just be a haul of all the new products I purchased for our apartment. The renovations should be done in the next few months. The Coronavirus kind of put a halt to the renovations but kitchen renovations will soon start which is super exciting. Then The process of cleaning the place and moving! Thank goodness I have all my new cleaning supplies to help with!

Norwex Haul
Window Cloth, Back Scrubber, 3 Chenille Hand Towels, Body Scrub Mitt, 2 limited edition Envirocloth, 1 limited Edition Kitchen Towel, 2 Limited Edition Kitchen Clothes, 1 Envirosponge, 2 Packs of Spiri Sponges, 1 bottle of dishwashing liquid.
Norwex Haul

What I Got

So I already have a snowflake Chenile Hand towel. I figured since my bathroom is purple the light gray would go nicely in there. I actuallyyyy got this second one from my mom. A year ago I purchased the dark grey one and we have been using it in her kitchen cause it matches. So I told her if she like to trade me and keep my dark one she could.

I have this whole idea that ill have bright popping colours in my kitchen. Reds, pinks, purples, oranges, greens, all sorts of colours that inspire delectable meals. I bought one of the pomegranate chenille hand towels. Then I won another one by participating in one of the games! The colour name of the green set of towels is actually avocado 🥑. I thought they would just go perfectly with my plan for popping colours.

Spirisponges are just amazing. They last forever and someone who will remain unnamed stole my last set. I won one of the packs after purchasing one of them! I am going to need another pack of envirosponges too. They’re amazing. They also have a new sponge I’m going to buy as well. I also won the dishwashing liquid as well which is super exciting. (The dishwashing liquid was great to use. (It was longer lasting than using dawn. When it comes to how many dishes I’m able to do before having to put some more soap on the sponge.)

I could ramble on and on about how much I love these products. But once im settled into my new apartment I will be doing more reviews on each of these products. So I’ll just leave you all guessing for now. Don’t forget, if you don’t want to wait for some product reviews then check out this post that I’ve already written. I am so excited to share this post with you all!

If you’re absolutely in love with Norwex products just as much as I am let me know in the comments section! Tell me what you love and don’t love! Share your experience with me! Thanks for stopping by and reading! And if you’re looking for something else that’s interesting to read go ahead and check out this post!


    1. Thank you so much for commenting I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for following my new website! An updated post of all my products and a Norwex wishlist is in the works!

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