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Benefits of using a Coffee Press

Hey everyone! I have made a drastic switch recently and I’ve gotten rid of my keurig and started using a coffee press instead. Today I want to talk about some of the benefits using a french press brings to the coffee table.

Some of the personal reasons I started using a coffee press were to save money. And I’ve honestly been finding that I live more intentionally when using my coffee press. It’s a nice substitution/addition to both my morning and nighttime routine.

It also allows me to indulge in the little things. Ever since I worked at Fortinos years ago I have loveddd their Pane Fresco section. If you know you know. If you don’t then I hope you get to experience it one day.

Grocery shopping at fortinos is a whole vibe and I’m here for it 100%. I love walking in and stopping at the pane fresco counter. Grabbing my favorite coffee and going on my merely way. They actually sell the coffee beans they use too and they have a coffee grinder. My favorite coffee is their Hazelnut Vanilla and I have the grounds at home for my coffee press. I haven’t found a coffee that has both vanilla and hazelnut in the same one besides the pane fresco section.

I suppose I could just mix hazelnut coffee with vanilla coffee but who knows if it will be as delicious.

Some Benefits!

Provided you have a gas stove and can still boil water if the power goes out (like mine did recently) then you can still have delicious coffee during a power outage!

It’s cost effective since most coffee press’ cost a lot less then a coffee maker keyring and tassimo machine.

It allows for a rich and delicious taste and has more of the essential healthy oils from the coffee.

It’s portable, all you need is the grinds and boiled water.

It’s aesthetically appealing and looks great in photos!

You can experiment with it to find out exactly how you like it.

Strong and good flavor when using the right ratio of grounds to water.

Anatomy of a Coffee Press

Coffee press
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Thank you so much for stopping by!

What are some of the reasons you would use a coffee press?

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    1. It’s really such an vibe. It’s so aesthetic and I find I enjoy my coffee so much more. It also helps me live in the moment! I usually let it steep for 10 minutes ❤️ thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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