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Eye Bags – Top 7 Tips

Christmas may be done and over with. And we’re just scratching the surface of the new year. We still have those Eye bags from lost hours of sleep. Now we have Valentine’s day and so many more holidays to look forward to. In Canada we celebrate Family day. There’s St Paddy’s day and tons of interesting fun the new year has to offer us. Sometimes all that fun can be quite stressful though. Stress and lack of sleep take a toll on our health. And one of the ways it does that is by creating under-eye bags. Thats what I’m here to talk about today!

If you have read my previous post then you’ll already have an insight into what’s causing the eye bags.

This post has been transferred over from my old website but updated and commentary along the way.

Have you all been getting enough sleep lately? ( I sure have not been). Did you know that fatigue and lack of sleep could be what is contributing to your under-eye circles? Among many other things like circulation and hyperpigmentation problems?

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Today, what I would like to focus on during this post are things you can do to reduce the look of your under-eye circles/bags. Ill be talking about simple at-home tips, tricks and, remedies. So grab some snacks and treats. Turn on your fav show (mine is currently Ellen). And get ready to relax and pamper yourself for anywhere from 5-30min!


There are many things you can do to take care of the appearance of your eyelids and under-eye area. A lot of remedies to take care of this issue are safe, and natural and can be done right in the comfort of your own home as well!

Eye Treatments

I want to start with creams. There are many creams out there available to you but are you really getting the right one for your dark circles?

People with blue-toned circles should opt for creams and moisturizers with stimulating agents. A product like this will constrict the blood vessels which temporarily boosts the circulation of the area. Some stronger creams with highly potent hydration levels like “Hyaluronic acid” plump the skin up and away from the pooled blood. It’s recommended that you stay away from this. Its potency is far too harsh for the skin in this area. (But in dermatologist-recommended products for this area it might be safe, always speak to a dermatologist or skincare professional first.)

My extended thoughts on this are that plumping up the skin in the area, I feel like this would promote circulation beneath the skin. Because blue circles tend to show due to thin skin or poor circulation. Really the best things you can do would involve those two key factors. Boosting Circulation and, and thickening the skin as much as possible.

For people with brown-toned eye circles, you can find a great sense of relief in using a daily serum spiked with a skin lightener like soy or citrus. This can brighten your skin in about 4-6 weeks of consistent use. It’s advised to stay away from “Hydroquinone”. This is usually a go-to lightener. (reasons personally unknown, for more information, speak to a skincare professional.)

I have never used this product but I’ve heard that its very heavy. And not the best idea to be using under the eye. Using something with brightening agents will help reduce pigmentation. But, using it all over can also help create a more even skin tone and complexion altogether.

Essential Oils

One of the many things people do to get rid of their eye circles is dabbing the area with essential oils. It’s best to apply to the area, let it sit for 5-20 min and rinse off with warm water. Eucalyptus Oil has properties that help reduce swelling and puffiness. But should be used with caution as it is toxic when used at high levels.

Rose & Sandalwood Oil mixed in with steaming water can hydrate your skin really nicely which can help reduce dark circles.

Food Oils

Flaxseed Oil is a major source of Omega 3. The higher your Omega 3 intake the stronger and more plump the layer of skin is.

Avocado Oil is said to be one of the best things to use. Avocados are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and, vitamins that nourish the skin. All of this works together to help repair damaged skin and promote collagen production from within the skin itself. Avocados are deeply hydrating for your skin. Its high level of plant steroids helps reduce the look of blemishes and, age spots by rejuvenating the damaged skin and by releasing the free radicals causing damage.

Almond Oil is great to use
because it contains Vitamin K. Which is said to improve blood pressure and decrease your risk of clotting which in turn decreases the presence of discoloration around the eyes. It does this by reducing the amount of blood that remains pooled behind them. Almond oil also contains Palmitic Acid and Retinol. These work together as moisturizers in almond oil to nourish the skin.

Tea bags on eyes

Chamomile Oil can help decrease the puffiness of your eye bags. By directly applying it to the desired area you can achieve results. It contains anti-inflammatory agents which work to reduce swelling. If you ingest chamomile tea, it can promote better sleeping habits and helps relieve stress. When it comes to chamomile tea make a pot of it and, freeze the tea bags. Once there chilled then you can place them on your eyes. You have a pot of relaxing tea to last you an hour or two. And an evening to calm down before bed. I anticipate using the frozen tea bags would be best in the morning to start your morning routine before your skincare and makeup routine.

Other Tips!

Some other recommended things many women do to help the appearance of their under-eye circles are “Facial Exercises”. These can be easily done at home. There are many facial exercises that can be done a few times a week for the best results. Face tapping, Lower eyelid strengthening, lower eyelid elevator, and a lower lid lift all are names of some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your lower lid. You can search these up on google or Pinterest.


You can also purchase a metal ball roller or stick some metal spoons in your freezer for about an hour. Use the metal ball rollers and gently massage this area. In the mornings would be ideal. The cooling effect brings down the swelling in the area and constricts the blood vessels. All of which reduces the visibility of your under-eye circles. Placing the cold spoons directly on your eye bags and then gently gliding them against your skin in an outward motion can help in the same way.

Beneficial for your health too!

Using Crushed mint leaves left on the eyes for about 30min has been used by a lot of women too. What you want to do is take fresh mint leaves and some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Apply it carefully underneath the eyes, repeat this daily for best results.

Lowering your daily salt intake can help as well as sleeping on your back instead of your stomach.

Make sure you are removing your makeup before bed so you’re eyes aren’t irritated from your makeup. Don’t overdo your sun exposure. Switching to a foundation with SPF or a daily moisturizer with SPF could be a smart move. I am currently using The Body Shops Aloe Very Face moisturizer. Which has SPF15 and that is working well for me. (I am no longer using this product.)

Neti Pot

Some people have found great results from using something called a “Neti Pot”. When I first heard of this I had no clue what it was at all. So I did some research on it. Basically, what I found out is that it is a container designed to rinse debris and mucous from your nasal cavity.

This is great for people with allergies and sinus problems that affect your dark eye circles. Using a saltwater solution with a Neti Pot is great. But make sure that you are using sterilized or distilled bottled water. Using a Neti Pot reduces the look of bags by reducing fluid retention in the surrounding area. Doing this maybe once or twice a week as a preventative measure might be beneficial for anyone with bags caused by sinus and allergies.

I think the Navage is basically the same thing but more of an automated system. In the past, I have purchased the Navage. I have not used it in over a year but when I was using it daily as directed by the doctor during that time it was amazing. AMAZING! I never paid attention to the effects it was having on my eye bags but as a side note. The navage is a great solution for those who can’t adapt to a neti pot.

So to sum it all up now that I have given you a probably overwhelming amount of remedies. And reasons why each of them might work. I just want to summarize it in a cleaner format to recap before you all go!

Recap on Eye treatments

Things you can do to reduce the look of your Dark Eye Circles

  • Use Natural & Essential Oils
    • Eucalyptus Oil
    • Rose & Sandalwood Oil
    • Flaxseed Oil
    • Avocado Oil
    • Almond Oil
    • Chamomile Oil
  • Lower your salt intake
  • Try a Neti Pot
  • Teabags
  • Cold compress like Spoons
  • Metal Ball Roller
  • Cucumbers
  • Don’t over do Sun exposure
  • Use natural eye creams with brightening agents
  • Use creams with stimulating properties
  • Beat your Fatigue
  • Remove your makeup before bed
  • Limit Alcohol and Tabaco Usage
  • Get a proper night’s sleep on a consistent basis
  • Use Mineral Foundations and Organic Products

What do all of you ladies do to combat your dark eye circles and puffy eye bags? Let me know in the comment section below! While you’re at it, if you like what you have been reading here, give me a follow! I would really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to check out my Twitter and Instagram to see what posts I will be putting out next. And if you have a post suggestion I will certainly consider it and see what I can do! Thanks so much for checking out my website and don’t forget to check out another female-friendly post I’ve written called period hacks!


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