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Selenite and its Wonders!

Hello everyone. I hope you have been having a good week so far. Mine has been lovely and eventful, to say the least. I want to talk about crystals. Today the first one I’m going to start talking about is Selenite. I’ve got 2 really beautiful pieces of selenite from one of my really good friends. She has a crystal-selling business which I’ll give you links too! She hand-picks her pieces and makes sure they’re ethically sourced and unique! All of the pieces she has shown me are beautiful. She has also given me so much direction advice and wisdom when it comes to crystals.

What is Selenite?


While I’m no expert and I’m still learning about all of the wonders of crystals, it’s my understanding that Selenite is a mineral. Or at least that’s what I’ve been reading. I believe it comes from the crystallization of calcium sulphate and it functions as a highly energetic healing tool. As a baby witch, I have learned quickly that you need to keep some selenite EVERYWHERE! My friend who sells crystals actually suggested keeping selenite near all the places I keep crystals.

I keep crystals on my headboard, on my desk, and near one of my apartment windows. As well as a whole shelf full of crystals and I have crystals on top of my dresser. I also have some crystals near the front door of my house too. Oh and on my tv stand. I keep a piece of selenite in each of these areas. I also carry around some crystals in my backpack and have a little piece of selenite I usually carry with them. Although I noticed that was getting a bit scratched from the two mini towers I carry around so I’ve set that one aside for now.

What are the purposes of selenite?

First and foremost, I have learned from my friend that Selenite has natural cleansing properties. So if you need to cleanse a new crystal or one of your current ones then you can leave it beside some selenite overnight. In the morning it will be clear of the negative energy it’s picked up. It can be used to cleanse auras as well.

Selenite towers

Selenite can naturally dissolve blockages, open your Crown Chakra and raise your vibration. It’s good for directing the flow of energy within your body bringing your emotions back into balance. Its soothing vibration aligns with the crystals you put around it which makes it so powerful when charging.

I’ve read online that there is some controversy about whether or not you should be cleansing your selenite with water. In my opinion, since Selenite is a naturally cleansing crystal, I don’t think cleansing is necessary. But either way, I don’t personally think I’ll be putting money in the water anytime soon. I don’t have enough scientific evidence on whether it does or doesn’t affect the crystal but a podcast I listen to basically said that IP pretty much melted and disintegrated into the water. With how beautiful my pieces are I don’t want to run into these issues.

Some other things I found while searching Pinterest is that Selenite is used for serenity, peace, meditation and universal consciousness. It can also be used for clarity of thought and positive energy creating positive thoughts. Selenite is really something that is good for everyday use and the promotion of happiness and healing. It also has the ability to amplify the abilities of other crystals it’s surrounded by. This is really a great starting point for anyone looking to dive into the world of crystals and healing.

Where can you buy some?

By the light of the moon crystals.

So there are many places you can get selenite from. It’s sold on Amazon, you can search google for local crystal and spirituality shops. You can also find a lot of great shops on Instagram too. But If there’s one person I could recommend, I would go to my friend that owns By the light of the Moon! And if you click that link it will take you directly to her Facebook page! If your a fan of the gram you can also find her on Instagram too!

Check out her products and I assure you that you’ll find something you like. She has such a unique and diverse collection and she also makes bracelets too. Im currently wearing a bronzite bracelet I purchased from her and I neverrrr take it off. She researches each piece and also ensures that they’re all ethically sourced. You can also check her out on Instagram too! She’s got some great photos on there!

So thats pretty much all I have to say about Selenite for today. I hope you were able to learn something about selenite while stopping by here. Again im not an expert by any means and I am only beginning to learn about crystals but I highly suggest that you check out my friend’s page and if you have any questions feel free to ask her. She is super knowledgeable and has helped me identify crystals im unsure of! Thanks for stopping by I truly appreciate your presence here. If you like what you read and want to read more please subscribe to my blog! I’d also appreciate it if you could check out my Instagram and give that a follow too! Have a great day everyone!

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