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Eye bags, Under eye circles. Why?

Hello, Everyone! Welcome back! Today I wanna talk about something that everyone is bound to experience at some point in their life. Dark, Under eye circles. Also known as bags under the eyes. This is another post I wrote once upon a time years ago on my very first website. While I’m leaving that chapter of my life behind piece by piece, my posts and writing is something that will come with me throughout my lifetime. My writing is something that cant be taken from me! I am healing from Narcissistic Abuse and This has been a long journey so far with an even longer journey ahead of me. I hope you enjoy reading everyone!

Without further adieu, today’s post!

Do any of you wake up with dark under-eye circles that last throughout the day? Have they started lasting for longer periods of time as you have gotten older? Are you ladies like me and have to make sure that you put in an extra step concealing the eyelids and under-eye circles/bags?

I have been wondering what the deal with them is for a while now. My Aunt and I were recently talking and she asked me if I knew how to get rid of them. At that point, I didn’t. So, I decided to do some more in-depth research and figure out for not only her but myself what exactly the deal is with eye bags.

Dark eyelids and under-eye circles are visible discolorations around the eyes.

It can be directly on the eyelids, it can also be underneath your eyes too. It will go up into the corner areas where your nose meets your eye sometimes.

Me personally, I also get some discoloration on the outer corners of my eyes too. The discoloration can also stretch out to the opposite end of your eye. They are usually characterized as puffy eyes, and eye bags. They look either blue/green or brownish most of the time. Some people like to call them sleepy eyes.

Many people think that there are a few simple reasons as to why you get bags. And while those are true like lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency or allergies, sometimes there are many different reasons why you are seeing this discoloration in such a sensitive area. (I have been getting much more sleep and drinking a lot more water than I did about 10 years ago when this was working on this post. They have improved greatly.)

Depending on the colour of your discoloration it can tell you certain things about why you are seeing these eye bags.

Eye bags

My circles are mainly due to hyperpigmentation problems and bone structure. Very rarely do I see blue/green pigmentation showing.

Blue Circles:

When you’re seeing blue circles underneath your eyes then some things that it can tell you is first off that the skin underneath your eyes is very thin. Sometimes blood pools behind the skin here and can show through because it’s just soooo thin. It generally shows through most in the morning. I think that’s because a lot of people tend to rub their eyes in the morning when they first wake up which can worsen your dark circles due to irritation.

When we have been on our feet all day, very busy and awake or “horizontal” for long periods of time fluids start building up behind the skin. Your veins expand to hold more blood which increases their puffy size of them. As I mentioned sometimes the skin in this area is so thin that it shows the colour through it drastically.

As we get older losing the subcutaneous fatty tissue in this area becomes inevitable. This “Subcutaneous fat” is what makes the blue and green pigments from beneath your skin generally invisible. As this grows thinner, it starts to show more. There are many things you can do to help prevent this from happening and to clear this up as much as possible if it has already started showing badly.

Brown Eye Circles:

When your eyes have dark circles with a tinge leaning towards brown this usually means you are suffering from some sort of hyperpigmentation problem. Which would probably look similar to my picture depending on your bone structure. This tends to occur from chronic sun exposure, rubbing your eyes a lot, or simply aging and genetics. There are many at-home remedies that you can do to reverse this.

Many of the other common reasons people have dark circles of either colour around their eyes could be due to Allergies, Eczema, and Sleeping face downward. All of which can cause the need to rub your eyes more.

Sometimes as I mentioned genetics, this can be a hereditary condition passed down. Smoking, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol can also cause dark circles and bags. Smoking and drinking alcohol weakens your skin. That along with fatigue can be a big reason why your bags stick around the way they do. Not getting enough proper sleep on a consistent basis can be a big part of the reason.

Make-up can be irritating your eyes and if you’re not using a Norwex body cloth you might not be getting all of it off. Or you could be developing a new allergy to your makeup. Some people also just have more sensitive eyes and these reasons alone can cause itching swelling and inflammation in this area.

Some of you might not be experiencing ANY of these problems at all. So why do you still have dark circles?

Well, one of the other common reasons is simply the bone structure of your face. People that have deeper tear troughs underneath their eyes will have some eye shadowing from the indentation. But, this is NOT from vein issues, pigmentation problems, sleep deprivation, or mineral and vitamin deficiencies. This is simply because of the way that your bone structure is beneath your skin. And You are Beautiful the way you are. Your body and bone structure are just as its meant to be and you should love yourself the way you are.

There are many things you can do to reduce the look of your eye bags most of them being natural and at-home remedies like cucumber slices or tea bags.

If you’d like to learn more about the things you can do to reduce the look of eye bags stay tuned for my next post. Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading. I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you did you can let me know by hitting that follow button ASAP. You can also check me out on Instagram too! Have a great rest of your week! I also have a Twitter account too!


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