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Self-Care During the Pandemic

Hi everyone, how’s your winter been going? I hope you’re all doing well during this weird post but still looming of the pandemic time in our lives. I’m gonna share a post similar to one you might have seen a lot over the last couple of years. But really this topic never gets old. It seems to be a super popular subject these days. Today I’m sharing what I’ve been doing during the COVID Pandemic to practice safety and self-care.


One of the ways I have been practicing self-care is by starting to listen to podcasts. I’ve started with the Call Her Daddy Podcast! It’s freaking amazing. I wish I listened to my girlfriend months ago when she first recommended it to me. I’m telling you ladies annnnnd gentlemen you can all benefit from listening to this podcast. It may be way too open and liberal content-wise for a lot of people but honestly, it’s so informative. It can take your relationships and sexual encounters to a whole new level. (This podcast was the best for a short time frame in my life. I actually stopped listening to this one pretty quickly as the content just became something I didn’t jive with very fast. Not saying it isn’t good. I just lost interest in listening to it every day and binging it.)


Speaking of my wonderful friend Amanda, she is so amazing and I have been obsessed with all of the amazing samples she sends me for Scentsy products. She is a Scentsy Representative and really likes to treat her customers with the utmost appreciation. She sends her loyal customers special packages with free samples of wax, brochures and scratch and sniffs. I also love the information on new product launches and she also gives samples of other products I honestly had no idea existed prior to her starting to sell. If you’re a scent lover, a candle lover, or even just someone looking for a healthier solution to candles I suggest you check out her page. She’s very helpful. (Amanda no longer sells Scentsy but consultants for Scentsy are everywhere. I believe if you go to their website you can search for consultants local to you.)

Besides podcasts and Sniffing Scentsy products, I have also been becoming more health-conscious in many ways.

Became more Health Concious

Home Exercise + HIIT Workouts, Mixed with Intermittent Fasting + Metabolic Confusion has been a focus for me lately. My health has been out of wack lately and my waistline has suffered because of it. (Thanks IUD and new MedsπŸ’β€β™€οΈ) I’ve been doing a lot to change this and have been seeing slow but successful and steady results. (I ended up losing about 30 pounds successfully with intermittent fasting. And then I hit a plateau which mainly started because I wanted snacks while doing late-night studying and homework. Recently I started it back up since I have had so much success in the past with it. I also no longer use an IUD. I have endometriosis which the IUD was supposed to help with however, after about a year it stooped working for me all together and I had it taken out.)


Another way I have been practicing Self-care and activities is by listening to audiobooks. I’ve listened to this audiobook that’s really helped. The audiobook is Delay Don’t Deny by Gin Stephens. If you’re someone who is interested in learning more about the topic of intermittent fasting I’d consider listening to her book. It’s very informative on a beginner level. Oh yeah, I guess that’s another thing I’ve been doing too, listening to audiobooks. Another thing I wish I started doing earlier.


Declutter and Organize. This has been a big one, especially in terms of self-care for your mental state. I’ve recently gone through everything and I’ve gotten rid of 7 clear garbage bags of items for donations. That’s a lot of crap to get rid of πŸ’β€β™€οΈ this has been very important to me though. As I’ve been mentioning I am going back to school very soon this September (less than a week away now) and getting rid of old things as I start this new chapter of my life will allow me to focus more on what’s going on around me and less on all the junk I have to organize and go through. (This seems to be a constant ongoing process. I’ve been working towards becoming a minimalist.)


I’ve also been checking in on friends. Because even if that doesn’t do anything directly for me in terms of self-care, knowing that I’ve checked in on them and that they’re doing alright makes me feel so much happier inside. (I guess in essence that had a direct effect on me.)


The amount of times I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy now is getting unfair to the other shows I watch and plan to watch. I’ve also been doing so many random and last-minute things to help get ready for school and it’s really been paying off.

I had also been going on daily walks multiple times a day. When I started school I didn’t realize how much I would miss these walks. My mid-day walk was nice and long. Approximately an hour to 2 hours. And then we would go for a walk after dinner. This one was much shorter but I didn’t realize how much I would miss these walks.

Other than that I’ve really just been taking things day by day. Trying to make the most out of every day! I hope you all have been staying safe smart and healthy, thank you so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to hit that follow button to start seeing more posts from me. One of my latest popular posts is part of a twelve-part series and I would absolutely love it if you were able to check it out.

Designing a home office Part 3, Self-care

What have you been up to lately during Covid? Or rather what did you get up to during the pandemic and lockdowns? Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for the inside scoop on my life!

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