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Spring Bucket list

One of the things I love about March break is that it means we’re that much closer to spring. Spring has so many wonderful things to love. This year I am going to share a previous post I wrote on what my spring bucket list was. I’ll be posting new commentary and ill rejuvenate the post into this year’s Spring Bucket List too.

I wrote this post at the beginning of the lockdown. Let’s see how many of these I was able to do, and what ill be going to atempt to do now that we’re in 2023.

So being honest with not only myself but you guys too, some of these items on my bucket list are probably going to sound pretty far-fetched.

Considering everything that’s been going on amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. All of the lockdowns and avoiding crowds. Nevertheless, these are still the things I would like to do this spring even once everything has been lifted.


Attend a Spring Festival

I feel like it will be full of happy vibes there. There weren’t any these past couple of years but this year I’m on the lookout for them.

Go for a walk in Gage Park

This is one of the bigger parks where I live. It’s beautiful and I recently visited their greenhouse for the first time. It was amazing! I went here a lot. And will do it again this spring.

Eat From a Food Truck

Where I live usually we have a food truck festival close by me twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall. It attracts humongous crowds so I have no idea what will happen this year. But crossing my fingers. I believe it might start up again this year. 2023.

Have a Spring Picnic.

I might end up doing this one in the backyard but pandemic times call for pandemic measures. We had a lot of backyard picnics and this past summer we had some park picnics. We will do a mix of both this year for sure.

Celebrate Earth Day

I should figure out when this is. I believe this is sometime near the end of March or April. To celebrate Earth day this year I joined one of my favorite companies. They’re not only environmentally friendly but they also aim to reduce the amount of chemicals we are exposed to so they’re beneficial for our bodies and our wallets too. If you would like to check it out and support my new journey check out my sales website. http://RACHELPEREIRA.NORWEX.BIZ

Spring Cleaning

This is very exciting for me. I love cleaning. My Norwex lady does a group challenge every time spring cleaning comes around and I love it. You clean and win prizes too. Now I’m the Norwex lady. Next year when I’m more on my feet and established in the business ill be doing my own spring cleaning competition!

Spring Cleaning Playlist

Creating one of these will be so much fun. I still don’t have one. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks a lot these days while cleaning. I’ve also recently started watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again while cleaning. It just felt like the right thing to do for some reason.

Donate Items.

As I pack up to move and as I unpack I will be letting go and donating many of the items that I don’t need or bringing back memories that are unwanted. I did do this and it felt great. During my time at school each time, I was on my “reading week” I went through my things again and again. Each time I came out with at least 3 garbage bags full of donations.

In my last semester, I was actually able to use my largest donation haul as part of one of my final projects. I had 15 garbage bags full of things I didn’t need or want anymore. Clothing items my child had grown out of. Toys she no longer plates with. I’ll be doing another donation haul soon as we will be doing a lot of renovations soon and I’m also working my way towards becoming a minimalist. Or at least my version of a minimalist as a single mom with a young child. Now we’re also planning for a yard sale!

Speaking of donating, my mom just found an awesome place to donate all of the stuffed animals my daughter has doubles of or just doesn’t like to play with. They deliver them to other children of low-income families and they even let you sign up to go on the delivery. I think that’s an awesome opportunity for kids to experience provided there at a good age to understand what’s going on.

Go to the Zoo.

I mean as long as it’s open, I just feel the spring would be a better time to go, less crowded (hopefully) as well as the heat won’t be unbearable. We never got around to doing this during covid but hopefully, we will get to do it this year.

Visit the Greenhouse

We’ve already done this once and now the greenhouse is closed until further notice but once it opens we would love to go there again. It was closed during the pandemic but now it is open again after some renovations. I am really excited to go. It’s so beautiful in there and it’s a great free experience.

Colour Eggs

This will be such a fun easter craft. This is something we have done every year. It’s always so much fun to do. A neat trick we might do with them this year is to crack them a bit before dipping them so the inside gets a bit coloured. They look really cool. We actually didn’t do them this year Elayna didn’t want to do the. So I didn’t pressure her into the tradition of it.

Blow Bubbles.

Because who doesn’t love to blow bubbles? Maybe we will even make our own. We do this every year. I’ve gotten pretty creative with them too. The best thing to use when making your own bubbles is dawn dish soap with added water. The bubbles come out amazingly and they last like 5 times as long before they pop.

Puddle Stomping.

Also referred to as jumping. What better way to enjoy the rain! We do this all year round!

Make cards for Grandpa’s Nursing Home,

It’s the perfect thing for us to be doing and we have already started. I thought it would be a lovely way to cheer them all up since they’re in lockdown. Sadly my grandpa passed away a couple of years ago and the nursing home he was at played a part in this in my opinion. He died less than 24 hours before my birthday which has been really hard on me. I think it always will be.

Catch a Butterfly

I feel like my daughter getting to see one up close will just drive her sense wild with curiosity. We have had a couple of them land on us throughout the years during spring. The white ones come really close to us.

Go to the Spring Farmers Market

Again, this will all depend on Covid-19. We have gone to the farmer’s market a couple of times. It’s always so nice going there and getting to look at the beautiful colours of all the fresh produce. It’s also nice supporting local farmers too. We have gone a couple times so far this year and it’s been lovely. It’s nice to get out in the mornings and enjoy the fresh air.

Go on a Hike.

We have done this a couple of times now. It’s fun but not entirely our thing.

Have a Spring Tea Party

My little miss loves drinking tea so this will be loads of fun. I’m thinking this year in the spring we can have some of her friends over for a tea party with their moms. This would be a great way for me to have them over to talk to them about Norwex. I have become a Norwex consultant so if you have any questions if you’d like to host a party or purchase a product just reach out to me!

Go to the Park

This is like a once-a-day every day thing that happens during the spring and summer right up until it’s too cold again. Unfortunately due to the close proximity of where my Narcissist chose to live, I am unable to go to the parks closest to home for the safety of myself my child and others. We don’t go to the park every day anymore but we do still enjoy park outings frequently. However, our routine and schedule have changed so going to the park every day is no longer realistic.

Have a Barbeque

Having family over for a barbeque sounds like a splendid idea and a great way to enjoy the weather. This is always fun to do and we have been going to visit other family members as well.

While some of these feel so far-fetched some of these also feel so achievable. Thinking back to the spotlight of the pandemic and the lockdowns a lot of these weren’t achievable but I am thankful to have made it through and come out on the other side. It has taught me a lot and it has helped lead me to some opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s safe to say that I found a silver lining among the craziness.

Thank you so much for checking out this post!

What does your Spring bucket list look like?

I’ll be using all my Norwex products to spring clean my house without any harsh chemicals!

For more information on Norwex follow the link to either of the two links. Both of these posts were written years before I became a consultant. Don’t forget to check out my Twitter and Instagram!Norwex HaulNorwex Haul

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