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The Best Iced Tea Ever!

With spring and summer fast approaching it’s time to find my go to summer drink. Lately I’ve been enjoying iced coffees and iced lattes. My delicious fizz sticks mixed with my inner calm powder. But one thing I really love is iced tea. Not the powder that’s full of sugar. But actual brewed tea. Loong steeped overnight before going into a fridge carafe. You can add some type of sweetener if you want I personally prefer black.

I’ve concaucted a delicious brew and I gonna share it today!

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate

Pronounced “herba-may-tay”

I got this from Amazon after reading an article about how this tea works similarly in your body to ozempic. Minus the really unhealthy reactions and side effects. It produces the same chemical in your brain that makes you feel fuller.

This tea is caffeine free (or so the box says) and lovely to drink on its own. But I added it to my batch of brewed iced tea and it was delicious. Yerba Mate is supposed to be rich with antioxidants and micronutrients. To learn more check out this article!

Ginger Peach Tea

Ginger Peach Tea

I am not a huge fan of ginger but I don’t even taste it in this tea which is great!

Ginger has many health benefits like aiding digestive upsets. It’s full of antioxidants that help detox the body.

And peach is just delicious. Along with having benefits of healthy skin, eyes and a healthy immune system.

Smooth Move

This one’s a mixture of senna, licorice, ginger, fennel, and orange. It’s light and sweet and promotes a healthy bowel movement. It’s caffeine free so it’s perfect for before bed!

Smooth Move Tea

Everyday Detox

This tea contains a delicious blend of nettle lemon and dandelion. Each with its own benefits. It tastes great with a pinch of honey and is beneficial in promoting healthy skin and supporting the bodies natural detoxification process.

Every Day Detox Tea

Dandelion Root Tea

I picked this one up because I thought I read that it was beneficial for endometriosis and now I can’t find where I read that. So I need to re research and reassess the accuracy of this.

Dandelion root

Regardless it is a delicious tea to drink cold or hot. It’s very light. I enjoy it black but it would also pair nicely with a spot of honey.

The website advertises that it helps promote detox and digestion through stimulating the liver. It’s also found on Google that dandelion root teas are great because of their anti inflammatory properties and they aide in lowering blood sugars.

I didn’t know how mixing all of these teas would go initially and I don’t think I will brew this exact brew allllll the time. But it’s definitely going to make multiple appearances this spring and summer season. For more spring must haves check out my latest post!


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