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Designing a home office part 4

Hello everyone and welcome back to my series about designing a home office. Today’s very important topic is Ergonomics. Ergonomics in the office simply means that the offices and workspaces are designed for comfort and efficiency. This is super important to also reduce stressors to the body while working that could cause long-term problems!

Let’s begin!

Ergonomics in the office

A lot of my ergonomic items were mentioned in my previous post while describing how they tie in with my office chair. To avoid overdoing and repeating myself, I will simply list the items already stated. I will also share the link to the previous post if you’d like to read more in-depth information about them. Then I will touch base on other things that I have been using that as well weren’t previously included.

Things already talked about were a Footrest, Back pad for chair, Neck pad for chair, Armrest raisers for chair, Mousepad for chair Seat Cushions. Here is the link to the previous posts for you to review.

Some of the things.

I haven’t touched base yet on are my laptop stand. I have a laptop stand to raise the height of my laptop during the workday with a raiser for my monitor too. These items are important because they bring your monitors to a proper eye level so that you’re not straining your neck and eyes.

I also have a keyboard tray. Because I’m so short, I also have issues with my keyboard being on top of my actual desk. It started killing my shoulders and back within a week of not having one. I purchased a keyboard tray to lower my keyboard and allow for a more natural 90 degrees in my arms while typing. I’ve got wrist rests as well for my keyboard and my mouse. It’s been a while since having to use them in a while since I have gotten a decent form in my typing. TYPING PROPERLY is an ergonomic thing. Typing properly is so important.

Futon Ergonomics

Since I spent a decent amount of time working from my office futon, I also have some support here. I have a little table tray that I use while working to raise my laptop or textbooks if I am reading, more to eye level. I also have a backrest cushion as well and I bring my cushions to sit with too when needed. Does a heating pad count as an ergonomic thing if you’re anemic? I have a heating pad for my living room that can be used in either my chair or futon. This ensures I’m comfortable and warm enough to not stiffen up.

Designing a home office part 3

Another way I like to use my table tray is I like to put it on my desk some days and turn my desk into a standing desk. I usually do this on days when I have a lot of busier work rather than lectures. I do still need to be stationed here on the computer to get most of this work done. These table trays were $4 at Dollarama. It’s kind of like the functionality of a standing desk converter but for the price of nothing. So definitely helps with making my space multifunctional and ergonomically sound.


Random dancing is a good way to release some tension and negative energy throughout the day while keeping the body strong and joints lubed. I also have a set of blue light glasses, and since I wear prescription glasses most of the time, I have a blue light-blocking coat on my glasses.

Now along with all the items purchased to help create an ergonomically sound office environment, there are still other things that you must be mindful of and many things that I must be mindful of too.

Some of those are not hunching over your laptop when it’s in front of you. Sitting at the appropriate heights and distances. When you’re sitting at the appropriate height there are many things that will come into alignment. When you’re sitting at the appropriate height your back will feel a lot better, you will be able to achieve a 90-degree angle with your arms while typing, and you’ll be able to keep them closer to your sides as well which is necessary.

The 20/20/20 Rule

I also like to practice the 20/20/20 rule. It’s a little harder to do in my small space but I still try.

After about 20 minutes of staring at the screen, I will move my eyes for a minimum of 20 seconds, and I’ll try to look at something far away. This helps relieve some of the stress placed on your eyes.

I also keep a coaster on my desk for my water bottle and coffee or tea or whatever drink I decide to have. It’s important to keep yourself fueled and hydrated which helps keep your body working the way it should.

Thats all I can come up with for today! I’m sure there are many more ways to make your office ergonomic. If you would like to put your ideas in the comments section below please do so! I love hearing all of the other ideas and useful tools out there!

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