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EOS Balls and update

Hello, Everyone! How are you doing today? This post is going to talk about the brand “EOS ( Evolution Of Smooth)” Lip Balm Spheres.

When they were first released they were a popular demand but, honestly, it took me a while to try them out. I’m so so glad I waited… I’m also glad I didn’t spend any of my own money on these things. The first EOS sphere I tried was the Strawberry Sorbet and I got it for Christmas of 2014. In total now, I have tried 3 different flavours: Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint & Sweet Mint.

Evolution of Smooth

About the Product

This product claims to be 95 organic and 100% Paraben, Petroleum and Gluten free. It is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and, Jojoba Oil to provide moisture. It’s said to give you long-lasting moisture and it’s supposed to smoothly glide on in a colourless fashion.

Which all sounds very nice but, I actually do not like this product. I would never buy this product again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, to be honest. I feel like this product really wasn’t worth the hype at all and I feel that it is actually bad for your lips, I discontinued use and have 3 practically full ones kicking around somewhere.

EOS balls

The first thing that people see is the packaging so, I think it was really clever to come out with the sphere design for the product’s packaging. These little balls come in a variety of colours by flavour. Some even have a cute swirl design on them and all of them, a twist-off cap. I think the EOS lip balms idea of the little spheres was definitely trendsetting. Almost evolutionary.

They make great stocking stuffers too!

My thoughts on the product itself, however, are not that great but, I’ll start with my positive thoughts!

Things I liked

The thing I liked about this lip balm line is that it comes in many different flavours. And they all smell and taste very good. Some of them are advertised to have SPF. Conveniently they are available almost anywhere. And they’re seemingly cost-efficient & long-lasting.

EOS Balls

Things I didn’t Like

The things I did not like about this product are: I feel that this product is not moisturizing at all. I feel that this product actually did the exact opposite to my lips and made them worse. It took years for them to recover and now I will only use the Norwex lip balm. I started developing a red rash around my lips and my lips themselves were dry, crusted almost and peeling back like crazy. Every time I put more of it on it only made it worse. It is also very waxy so it leaves a thick coating on your lips.

It’s said that this lip balm is supposed to soothe chapped lips and lock in moisture. But I just watched my lips do the exact opposite and get physically, visibly worse.

I read a bunch of different articles that all said that it was an allergic reaction I was experiencing but, I also stumbled upon a few articles that had proven cases of mould growth in the lip balm. And they stated that was the cause. Nonetheless, I discontinued use after coming to the conclusion that it was doing more harm than good.

To conclude.

I guess it’s safe to say I would NOT recommend these to anybody even though everyone hypes about them.

I just don’t feel that they are worth the hype, money or sacrifice of your beautiful lips!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the EOS Lip Balms and if you have had a more pleasant experience with them!

Thank you to everyone for reading my post on EOS Lip Balm! Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram to see what the latest is with me and my family! You can also check out my latest post which is part two of a Twelve-part series.

Have a great Day!


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