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How do you Pamper Yourself?

Hello everyoneeeeee!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I did although it had a very tragic ending. The Vampire Diaries is one of my all-time favourite shows. Sadly it has come to an end this week. I am super devastated. (This happened yearssssss ago when I first wrote this post! But such sadness inspired a post where I talk about how I pamper myself in lieu of said sadness.)

*This post has been transferred over from my previous website. This will explain the late news topics such as the vampire diaries finally coming to an end* It was literally one of my most favourite shows and I love rewatching it every now and again too. It never gets old.

TVD Meme

As I write this post I will be watching the very last few episodes ever. (This was years ago.) Once I am done with this series I will definitely need to calm down. And I will have to find a way to pamper myself after all of the emotional distress. I already know this finale will cause me so much hardship. I anticipate lots of crying for sure. It’s literally the end of an Era.


Why is it that we become so emotionally invested in a tv show? Someone pleaseeee tell me I’m so wrong and it was just the season Finale…pleaseeee.

Anyways though. Let’s get the conversation going. Who out of my amazing followers loveessss The Vampire Diaries? What’s your favourite season? Part? Character? I wanna hear all your thoughts on it. One of the ways I pamper myself is by snuggling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a good show like this one.

Bestfriends TVD
Bonnie TVD

I want you to head on over to my sidebar and hit that follow button if you like The Vampire Diaries. And let me know in the comments section just how much you love the show. I want to see all of your funny, emotional and meaningful Vampire Diaries Memes and stories. I think this is one of my all-time favourite shows I haven’t been able to find one quite like it.


Now the actual point of this post is to tell you ladies and gents about the bubble bath I have been using lately. (Year’s later I still enjoy using it, although I don’t take long luxurious baths anymore. I shower more than anything now.)

How I do it!

And how I’m tieing these two topics together is great. Because once I finish the finale I will need to take a nice relaxing bath to pamper myself. I have (had but an ex-family member’s drug addiction soiled that.) a nice huge soaker tub and lately these days I am using the Caprina Goats Milk Foaming Milk Bath.

Pamper bubble bath

I do have sensitive skin. But it’s only sensitive to certain things. It’s become a beloved staple in my household. And one of the few things we have been using in our baths. (By we I meant myself and the Narcissist I was with.)

Currently, I have only tried the original scent but they do have a few others. It also comes in Lavender Oil, Shea Butter, Orchid Oil, Olive Oil and Wheat Proteins, as well as Eucalyptus. (This was back when the post was first written. I don’t know if they have more scents now or if they have discontinued any.) Caprina is also managed by another company that goes by the name of “Canus”. Canus ensures that all of its products are phosphate free. They also use fresh goat’s milk from local dairy farmers which is a great benefit for everyone! Oh lala, pamper and spa!

The Benefits

Speaking of the benefits you’re probably thinking “k Rachel I get it, you like it, but what’s soooo great about it?”

Well, Goats milk itself is an amazing thing. It can be used in many different ways, with amazing benefits. I did some research to get you legitimate facts and information and I headed straight to the Caprina/Canus website.

Goats’ milk apparently has shorter protein strands. Which allows our bodies to easily absorb all of the natural minerals and vitamins it has to offer. Much faster and easier. The foaming goat’s milk bath in particular also offers us Capric and Caprylic acids. These are supposed to naturally balance the Ph level of our skin to its ideal Alkalinity.

This also prevents your hair and skin from being stripped of their natural moisturizers. On top of all of these factual reasons to love this product, there is also the human experience. Using this product just gives such a soothing feel to my night. It calms me down, it warms me up and the lid to the bottle is the cutest little measuring cup that gives me the perfect amount for my bath each time. If you know me you know I love cute little things!!!

The smell of the original one is so soft and smooth. And my skin feels so soft and fresh after. It is perfectttt right before bedtime. It’s also really economically priced for its size. The lid is also a measuring cup which ensures that you get a decent amount of use out of the bottle.


Now, I just want to remind you all that my posts are completely my own opinion. And I would never tell you all something is good without honestly thinking that and trying the actual product. I think honesty and integrity are just two of the very important things that go into owning a website. Along with authenticity! I aim for all of these in both my website and lifestyle. Having said that I really love this product and I am so glad that It become a staple in my household. I unwind and take at least 2 baths a week and I love love loveeee every minute of them.

Thank you so much for reading my post about how I like to pamper myself while using Caprina Goats Milk Foaming Bath. Don’t forget to hit that follow button so you can see more great posts from me in your feed! While you’re at it check out the latest series I have been working on. By the time you’re reading this Part 3 has been released.

What is your favourite bubble bath to use? What is your favourite way to relax and unwind? Thanks, Dolls! Have a great weekend!

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