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I cant believe it!

Hey everyone, I hope this finds all of you well! Have you ever, not known something existed until you just did!?! Cause I did something and I can’t believe it. I never knew it was even possible.

So in your case, maybe it’s the most delicious drink recipe you have ever tried! Or perhaps it’s a new makeup brand you have stumbled upon and are head over heels for… Or maybe that bread recipe finally turned out perfectly.

Well for me, I’m still stuck on this GPA thing. Some of you might be familiar with one of my recent update posts where I share that after my first semester back at College I have been able to achieve a GPA higher than 4.0.

And you see for me, thats the thing that does it. I had no idea you could achieve a GPA higher than 4.0. Seriously, no clue until I had achieved it and finished a semester with a GPA of 93.34. A GPA this high falls into the 4.33 category.

I’m finally finished my second semester and I honestly would have been happy with at least an 85% GPA, and I miraculously achieved a 94.66 GPA. Im astonished and so proud of myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish these past 8 months. It’s so crazy how life can change!

Mohawk College, Believe its possible!

My GPA continued to get higher and higher each semester. By the time I finished school, the highest GPA I had received was 95.68. I achieved my goal of graduating on the honour roll. My overall GPA across the 4 semesters came to a total of 94.64. I’m proud to have graduated as one of the top 3 students in my class From Mohawk College a very prestigious school.

Thanks, everyone for stopping by! I hope you’re all staying safe! If you’re graduating this year first off congrats to you and also check out this super cool item I wish I’d had at my grad party!

If you dream it, believe in it and you can surely achieve it!


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