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This post is a response to a discussion board for a College class. It is a piece of writing I’m proud of. So I decided it would be good to share it here. I don’t know a lot about the GMO industry but I have been learning in hopes to lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope you like what you read.

***This post was originally written prior to 2015***

This post was originally posted on my first website but it’s one of the things I’ve decided to transition over. I received a good mark on this piece and I’m very proud of it. However, my thoughts and understanding of some of the content have changed drastically. Specifically the part about Vaccines. I believe in vaccines and the benefits they have. It’s advisable for you to keep your vaccinations up to date throughout your lifetime. I also encourage you to get your COVID-19 Vaccination if you have not already.

Fruits & Veggies GMO

It was titled: “GMO: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.”

We were supposed to do some research on genetically modified organisms. And look at both the pros and cons of Genetically Modifying your food. I personally thought that the consequences this could have were far greater than the positive outcomes anticipated.

Just my thoughts though!

We are supposed to look for the good and the bad in Genetically Modifying our food. To be honest, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear genetically modifying something is Like Cyborgs oozing green goop. Now we’re talking about something that is going to be ingested into my system. All I can think is BAD! Why alter the course of Mother Nature and evolution? I do however understand that it is indeed a controversial argument. Therefore I took time to genuinely indulge in some of the positive facts of genetically modifying food.

As our population grows we need to be able to sustain society’s needs along with it, totally understandable. Their idea of making regular foods into superfoods is smart. Rice having more Vitamin A is a good idea as well. But genetically altering these foods when we don’t even know the long-term effects yet is crazy to me. With all of this negative research found in the test dummies they use and how it alters their immune systems, organs, life expectancy… I’m not so sure its the best idea.

All these negative results and we wonder why there are so many new diseases. Diseases that are becoming uncontrollable. What better way to counteract these MAN-MADE diseases than to create things called Vaccines? Where we genetically modify humans OURSELVES! To “build up” our immune system. I personally feel like this is all a scam to contribute to the growth of the government’s capital. Let’s genetically modify the food. This will create a domino effect of problems on the human body and eventually society. The more problems humans encounter the more money the government can make through the health care system. I still believe that the government and big pharma are working together against us little guys. But I no longer see much danger in getting vaccines.

What are your thoughts?

How do we know that the anticipated “Frost Resistant Strawberry” isn’t going to be what starts the outbreak of the next Epidemic? What do you know about the GMO industry? Share in the comments!

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  1. I’m not a fan of eating food that has been genetically modified to grow after toxic pesticides and herbicides have been applied and killed everything else.

    GMO Golden Rice does not even deliver on it’s promise to correct vitamin A deficiency. According to the nongmoproject (dot) org Golden Rice does not address the fact that high fat foods like oils and meat are not available in impoverished communities, which are needed for the body to absorb Vitamin A. Plus, the beta carotene in Golden Rice deteriorates over time without vacuum-sealing and refrigeration, which is not available or very limited in these communities. Finally, farmers have rejected Golden Rice because it produces less food than traditional non-GMO crops.

    There are better ways to improve nutrition.

    Like you, I also support science, critical thinking and appropriate vaccinations.

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