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Eucalyptus Melts – The Glass Jar!

Hey everyone! I’m here for a product review today for these amazing Eucalyptus melts I bought from a family friend. She owns a small business that’s all about good intentions for the earth, body and soul. And the Eucalyptus melts are a great starter product.

Let’s start with a little bit about her business and where you can find it online.

Business Info

The Glass Jar Logo

Her business name is The Glass Jar and her business is making a big impact on the world around her. Her business promotes Low Impact to Zero waste products with the intent to eliminate single-use plastics! Reuse, Refill and Enjoy! The Business owner’s name is Rosanna and she is such a sweet lady with a big dream of making this earth a cleaner healthier place for everyone. Her business has been making a lasting impact since 2020 and runs on a weigh and pay system. You bring your own bottles and fill them up with the products you need. The containers must be clean and can range from normal containers to bottles and jars.

Products range from shampoos, body lotions and beard oils to cleansing grains and all-purpose cleaners dishwasher tabs and hand soaps. Each of these products is Canadian and made from ethically and locally sourced, plant-based ingredients that are safe for the whole family. The first product I have used is the Eucalyptus melts. She promotes a safe and healthy journey toward sustainability. Different collections to choose from are body care, dental, household, haircare, skincare, refillables and an everything section too.

The Melts

Photo of item

The Eucalyptus melts are from the body care line and can be found by clicking this link. The eucalyptus melts can be used in the bath or in the shower. I have used them in the shower and theyre safe to put in my little ones bath. Theyre awesome fo clearing congestion and opening up your airways. They have also been known to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress through the natual ingredients. With an added touch of rosemary essential oils to aid in mental clarity. They’re a really good size too. Most melts I’ve tried in the past are really small and melt so quickly you barely notice them. But these cubes are honestly such a great size and portion of the product. Making them even more worth their price.

They have different melts to choose from but I have only tried the Eucalyptus ones so far. The eucalyptus one is a really great way to not only elevate your mood but your shower or bathing experience too. Enjoy yourself while also making health concious and enviromentally friendlly choises about the products youre using! They smell delicious and refreshing and I think my facorite thing is that theyre safe to use with my child. Its a nice replacement for the chemical soaps and washes parents untend to use during colds.

Size of product

Another thing I liked about this is that it was cost effective too. I think I paid $6 for 6 cubes. The price might have gone up since then though. When it comes to safer products like these, thats essentially a steal. Ethically sourced, locally sourced and plat based often means youll be paying a bit more but this is such a decent price for this item. I cant wait to use them all up and buy more!

Where to find!

For more information on the company, services and items to purchase check out the beautifully designed website. I also encourage you to check out her instagram page as well! Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading my review post. If you have any questions and you’d like me to connect you with the busnes owner just post in the comments section below! I appreciate you stopping by to read this post and I appreciate your interest in my friens business.

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