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Norwex Haul & Review

Hello my lovely Coffee Beans, (This post has been transferred over from my previous blog, hence the “coffee beans”) Are you looking for that new thing in your life? That thing you can fall in love with, obsess over. That new thing you just can’t wait to tell your friends about. This was me a year ago before my first Norwex Party. Looking for that amazing item that I just wanted to toss all my money at.

I’m 23 and never have to buy Dryer sheets again!!! (I’m now 27 and still haven’t bought any dryer sheets!!!)

Norwex Logo

Well, I found it and today I’m going to share it with you. I had never heard about the brand Norwex. And then all of a sudden my Mom was like “I’m having a Norwex party and you should come.” After attending and LOVING her Tupperware party the month before there was no way I was passing up this party. I attended the party. Watched and even got to participate in some of the demonstrations. I listened to information about the product and I was sold.

I made my first purchase. Addiction has begun.

But before I get ahead of myself. For those of you who were like me and have no idea what Norwex is let me give you a brief explanation. Norwex is a company that aims to reduce chemicals in your household along with the environment and most importantly your body.

Their goal is to reduce not only the use of chemicals but in turn reduce the absorption of chemicals into our bodies. And to help the earth as well as by reducing wastefulness in the meantime too. They have a wide variety of products. Ranging from personal care to household and cleaning and I can’t wait to try all of them! (By now I have so many to talk about)

Norwex Body Cloth

Norwex Body Cloths

The first time I used this was actually before I purchased it. I used my mom’s and was so impressed. After having a great experience borrowing my mom’s I decided to buy a set of my own. I could literally feel that the cloth was extracting impurities from my skin! I mean whatever that feels like lol! You see it’s all in the threading with their products. And it’s so magical you probably won’t even believe me. But that’s why I will give you the links so you can see for yourself! I definitely thought it was worth buying after a couple of uses.

My mom has rosacea and it helped clear that up. My sister used it on her back and it cleared up her acne! Like what! Just a simple cloth and water. It’s amazing. They come in a set of 3 so when I first got mine I designated them. One for myself, one for my daughter and one to have around as a backup for when I’m cleaning them. One of their great features is that they’re super soft and gentle. Which is perfect for my daughter’s sensitive baby skin. They’re also self-cleaning so when you hang them to dry they’re good to reuse multiple times before needing a wash. And unlike other clothes and rags, they don’t get that nasty smell to them.

How they Work

The clothes use baclock technology. Which works to break down food and even bacteria too. So it’s perfect for cleaning my daughter up after her messy meals. And let me tell you she is messy!!! (This hasn’t changed a bit ❤️) While writing this post I decided to go through the benefits and features section of each item and give my opinion on how it holds up. Super exciting! Let’s Go!!!

  • Cleanses skin thoroughly and gently☑
  • Great for both your body and your Face☑
  • Perfect for removing excess oils from skin, as well as daily hygiene and skin care☑
  • Self-purification back lock agent☑
  • It’s also great for gentle exfoliating!!!
Norwex Benefits

I can definitely say that the product lives up to its expectation. They ALL do! (Still Accurate)

Here is a photo explaining more in depth how Baclock works!

Facial Pads

I had no idea these existed and then I received them free from a giveaway that I entered. And let me tell you once I started using them I haven’t stopped. (I still have them but don’t wear makeup as much so I have the makeup clothes and usually just use the body clothes to take off my makeup.) I can’t get enough of these things they make taking your makeup off so easy. You probably use makeup remover every day right? Well, at least every time you wear makeup.

But what if there wasn’t a need for it anymore? And I mean I’m not saying I don’t love the Garnier Micellar Water still because I still think it’s a great product. And I’m also not suggesting that you dont remove your makeup at the end of the day.

I just think this is better for many reasons.

One of them is, you don’t use any chemicals. And honestly, it removes my makeup quicker and more thoroughly than any makeup remover ever has with just water. I was so impressed with this. Like OMG. I would definitely buy another set (they come in sets of 4). That way I could have one for every day of the week and then an extra if I’m late on laundry. (While using the body clothes and makeup clothes I dont run into this issue.)

My skin feels so clean and pure after using them. I swear tonight when I took my makeup off it was the quickest I’ve ever done it. As a mom, this is extremely crucial and beneficial for me at least. You see I stopped wearing makeup because I just didn’t have time to fit it into my routine. And taking it off was a hassle. Now I do because it takes me literally all of the 3-5min max. A little water and a finger pad no chemicals or parabens.

One thing I really love about them is I can trust that all of my makeup is off, to the point where I don’t even need a mirror. I can take my makeup off while I nurse Elayna in my rocking chair if I want to. Not to mention they come with a little mesh laundry bag so you don’t lose them all in the wash. Super Convenient! You know how that good ‘ol laundry machine eats up small things like socks and stuff? No worries these babies will be good!

I’m pretty sure these are one of their newer items. Because I can’t find info about them online yet just their older version the finger pads. (The finger pads I actually have are only available in America and I believe they were discontinued and replaced with another product.)

Some more fun facts about the Facial Pads is that they aren’t just for removing your makeup. They also replace cotton balls and have other functions as well.

Between the body cloth and the makeup removal pads, there’s no excuse to not stick to a healthy beauty routine.

Chenille Hand Towel

Chenille Hand Towel

The second I saw these I was in love. I had first seen the children’s ones and thought they were just the cutest things ever. In fact, I still plan on my initial intention of getting one for Elayna. (She now has multiple) Or maybe one of each for her lol this is the obsession talking. A Woman can dream, can’t she?

So like I said the first ones I saw were the children’s ones. And I think they’re just so cute. They’re also a great fun way to encourage children to wash and dry their hands. Not only is it fun but it’s super sanitary and easy. It has that great back lock technology that self-purifies odours, bacteria, mould and mildew growth. I absolutely love the texture of it for so many reasons. It’s interesting and funky looking so you know it has me written all over it. Not to mention it’s a conversation starter that’s for sure

I was talking to my one friend and she says she can let hers go a month before it needs to be washed again. But I mean that really has nothing to do with the texture. Another thing I love about the unique texture is that its little heads or ends or little fuzzies we will call them LOL Is that they get right in between my fingers and rings getting my hands perfectly dry every time. They’re not left wet in certain areas like with normal hand towels. They’re even better then hand dryers.

I got mine for booking a party. Which worked out great because I got to try the product before spending money on it. That’s the beauty of hosting these parties! I really enjoyed the product and I was so excited to take this home and try it for the first time. After I did I can’t wait to buy myself another one. (I now have them in both my kitchen and my bathroom along with backups to switch them out for on laundry days)

Norwex Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls

The dryer balls are another product that I had my eye on from the beginning of my adventure with Norwex. Something I loved about these right from the get-go was that it actually helps extract your hair from your clothing while it’s in the dryer. So if you live in an apartment building and you’re using a shared washer and dryer with other tenants you don’t have to worry as much about other people’s hair getting tangled within your clothing and garments.

Another big concern in my house is that my hair is long, thick, dark and it sheds like crazy. We’re constantly finding it tangled in our clothing even down to the socks. So noticing that it actually does pull the hairs from the fibres of the clothing is an amazing thing for my family. We won’t have to deal with finding random hairs tickling and itching us randomly. No matter what time of day it is. (I also now have the green dryer balls with the spikes as well.)

Another great thing about this product is that it replaces the need for dryer sheets. So over time you eventually don’t need to use dryer sheets anymore. I’m going to start using up the rest of my dryer sheets and eventually transfer myself completely over to the Norwex dryer ball system. (This has been done and I haven’t looked back at all.) You can even put them in with your towels as well which is great. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t put dryer sheets or fabric softener in with my towels. It actually affects absorption ability. Some benefits of the dryer balls are removing static and it also helps your loads dry faster.

Norwex Kitchen Counter Cloth

Child playing with Norwex Kitchen counter cloth.
It’s safe even when it gets into little hands! Thecoffeemamma was my previous website. Rights to this photo still belong to me.

If there’s one thing I could tell you about the kitchen counter cloths is that they are amazing. They’re such a dream to have around your kitchen. They make cleaning up such a breeze and so quick too. Which is really crucial if you’re a newer parent or even just a parent of kids at all. After just my first use of this cloth, I literally wanted to lick my counters. Because they were that clean (of course I didn’t though) but I’m telling you that clean it was amazing.

Going forward this has convinced me to buy more of the kitchen clothes. Not only just the same kind of cloth but their other versions too! Back to the Kitchen Cloth though. They come in really handy for cleaning. They are the same size as a half-size sheet of paper towel or a single “select a size” sheet. Which makes them great for cleaning. It’s the perfect size. You can even fold it again it’s still the perfect size. And hello it’s way more durable than a Bounty paper towel sheet that’s for sure!!!

Basically, it ends up cutting the cost of paper towels in your household. And the effect they have on the environment. Even though they are biodegradable they still pile up in landfills. Paper towels are still extremely necessary in the amounts and quantities we use them. But why use them when this works with just water and the cloth? One paper towel is often not enough to get the job done. But with one of these clothes, there’s no need for them at all when it comes to cleaning day.

Speaking of paper towels these are made from 50% recycled material. Which is another great way that Norwex is doing good for our planet. I don’t know if you’ve heard recently but here in Canada, we are heating up at twice the amount as other countries. So global warming is definitely starting to take effect here in Canada.

The cloth’s durability comes from marvellous lotus threading and their almost quilted-like texture. The texture also allows for extremely quick absorption of spills and messes and also it also dries quickly as well. So it’s ready to use the next time you want to use it. Like their body cloths, they remove 99.9% of bacteria from your surfaces which is amazing. And unlike lysol wipes, you don’t have to leave the product on for 10 minutes or whatever to reach full effects. Just wipe and go.


My representative has a chicken demonstration where she uses the kitchen clothes. She takes a cutting board and she rubs a piece of raw chicken all over it. She has these protein testing sticks. So depending on whether there’s protein on the surface or not the liquid solution either turns green or purple. When it has proteins in it turns purple, when it’s good to go, green liquid. After cleaning the raw chicken using the cloth I can be sure I’m cleaning thoroughly, properly and safely.

Another demonstration my representative does is, she tests the clothes with the protein afterwards too. This way she proves that back lock technology really does work. She proves this when the cloth does not transfer any of the protein from the raw chicken onto the test swab. Even more importantly to other surfaces. It stays locked in the cloth and starts breaking down.

This is another huge feature of the Norwex line. Their products are non-transferable so you’re not getting dirt from one product all over another product.

Genius right?

So now that I’ve gone on and on and on about these Norwex products you’re probably getting tired of listening to me. Which is fine. It’s just that with the use of these few items I’ve already started turning my household around from careless clean to super and trusted clean and eco-friendly.

If you’re interested in any of the products that I’ve mentioned here today or have any questions about how you can attain these products for yourself and your family please ask away in the comments section below or you can go ahead and email me through the contact page.

For more information on these products or any of the other products that Norwex has to offer go ahead and feel free to ask me. If I can’t answer them myself I will be sure to get in contact with my representative and make sure that I get an answer for you. This is pretty much it for today, that’s all I have to talk to you guys about.

I haven’t tried many more of the other norwex products yet so I haven’t more to review for you today. Though that being said I am absolutely head over heels for this these products and this company. I can’t wait to try more items. I love what the company stands for and the difference they’re trying to make in the world with its products.

Thank you so much, everyone, for following my website and for stopping by today to read my post about how much I love Norwex.

Please be sure to follow my blog if you liked this post! There’s definitely more to come!

What’s your favourite way to clean your house?

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