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How to Enjoy a Cold Day!

First things first, you DON’T enjoy a cold day.


Even though a very cold day kinda totally sucks, they can still be very much enjoyable. There are many different ways to enjoy a cold day. Having a routine helps with that.

For me, I like to start the day off with my cozy jammies and a nice hot coffee.

On my way back from dropping of my daughter at school, I usually listen to a podcast or some music. The houses in the area are beautiful. The area is filled with colorful trees too. It’s a beautiful walk home. Full of nature.

I have to make this walk no matter what the weather is and during the colder months there is still something to love about it. I might walk faster during the cold days but I still make sure to look at the beautiful houses and scenery around me.

Finding the beauty in just a simple walk you do every day can not only help ground you but are one of the many things to love about the cold weather and the winter season.

Let’s take a look at some of the many things to love

Cold day, New Season, New Beginnings

As leaves fall to the ground, the trees are a perfect example of shedding what no longer serves us to make room for rebirth. A new beginning.

Layering Cute Outfits

As the days get colder layering is the perfect way to keep warm. Some warm fuzzy leggings, your favourite tank top and your favourite chunky sweater, perfectly paired with an adorable scarf!

Christmas post

Peppermint Mochas are BACK at McDonald’s!

This is surely something to be happy about. So delicious, So exciting, So warm and cozy! I’m honestly kinda sad low key though because the bus drivers are on strike and thus I won’t be having a peppermint mocha anytime in the near future unless I Uber it here which is so costly.

Peppermint mocha on a cold day

Hot Chocolates and Snowfalls on a Cold day

Just picture this: cozy blankets, hot chocolate, your loved ones and you all snuggled up, it’s snowing outside, and Christmas music is on. You’re looking out the window as the snow fills the air and ground. Reading a Christmas book with your children. Life is peaceful, life is calm. Life is cherished.

Snuggles & Movie Nights

Here’s another perfect night for a hot chocolate. Fall movies, Christmas movies, horror romance, comedy, heck even kids movies. Cold winter nights or days are perfect for snuggling up with a good movie. It’s a great time to sign all your Christmas cards too!

Movie night on a cold day

Cooking & Baking in a warm house on a Cold day

There’s so many delicious festive recipes to try and master and the baking around this time of year is full of rich and amazingly scented ingredients. There is the obvious turkey and all the fixings. But that’s a lot for a regular weekly occourance.

Crockpot meals, stews, soups, pulled pork. Savoury and scrumptious. Fall off the bone roasts. Minty treats, chocolate chip cookies, melty scones! There’s so much to love about every season!

Christmas Lights & Decorated Houses

They’re all so beautiful when they’re done up. We were walking home from a meeting and some of the lights were so beautiful. The houses in the area are already gorgeous but seeing them all lit up was fantastic. I love the effort some people put in!

Fuzzy Socks on a Cold day

Fuzzy socks make everything comfy and cozy. They’re great for layering and keeping warm in the cold weather and they’re simply just nice and soft on our feet. They’re also very relaxing and great for wearing after you have given yourself an at home pedicure.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties can be kind of dreadful some some. But me, I quite like them. It’s a great way to share time with loved ones and extended friends and family that you don’t always get to see. They’re a always great food delicious drinks.

Cute Scarf & Mitten Sets

If you’re gonna be cold might as well look cute doing it. 💁‍♀️

Cute outerwear set for a cold day

Building Snowmens on a Cold snowy day

No matter how the snowmen turn out, it’s the thought and intention that counts. It’s the memories that count. So get those lumps of coal, that carrot nose and the leftover hats mitts and scarf. Do your best.

Snowball Fights

These are so much fun especially when they’re little.

Catching Snowflakes on our Tongues

Heated Blankets

One of my favorite things in the winter is my heated blanket. It’s not your typical heated blanket. It’s got 10 settings instead of 4 and it goes for 8 to 10 hours instead of 2. Pairing this with fuzzy socks, goodies and a good movie and cocoa makes for the perfect night. Oh and also my hot hot hot heating pad.

Heated Blanket

Christmas Crafts

These are wonderful. Dollar stores are great for snagging great and inexpensive crafts to keep the kids entertained for weekend after weekend. Or depending on the age for hours and days!

Decorating for Christmas

Due to the renovations this yeah I have kept the decorating to a minimum.

Candy Canes

So minty and fresh!

Candy Hot Chocolates to keep warm on a Cold day

Make them at home, or go to Tim Hortons, whatever flats your boat.

Sweat Pants

One of the best ways to stay cozy is a good pair of track oants.

Dogs in Sweaters

My dog is almost a year old and he has a cute little doggy coat 🥰🥰 okay well not little because my dog is huge. His coat is a 2 xl. He definitely needs an ugly Christmas sweater though .

The Way Fresh Snow Looks Sparkly

No Mosquitos, Less Bugs

Boiling Pots of Fresh Orange Peels Cranberries and Cinnamon

Those are some of the many mannyyy things I love about cold days and cold weather and the cold seasons.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! You’re presence here is always welcomed and appreciated!

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What do you like about a cold day! Let me know in the comments below!


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