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Versatile blogger award

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s post. I gotta admit. I really suck when it comes to completing awards. Especially the ones that I’ve been nominated for. To my fellow bloggers who have nominated me for something and I haven’t had the chance to follow through, please remind me in the comments so I can work on doing so. Today’s post is an edited edition of the versatile blogger award. It was actually my previous website that was nominated for this award.

My website has been nominated for this since I think way back in November 2019. Or maybe even 2018. I believe it was either November or January. Somewhere in the colder months. However, first, let me tell you about The Versatile Blogger Award and what it actually is.

Basically, bloggers who are excellent or outstanding get nominated for the award. Nominations come from other magnificent bloggers.

In return, I post my version of the award and nominate 15 other bloggers out there that I deem “worthy” of this award.

The nice thing about the Versatile Blogger Award is that you share 7 facts about yourself with other bloggers and colleagues that read your award post. You get to learn some new things about the woman behind the scenes or man for all you great male bloggers out there. It’s a nice way to find a deeper connection with the writer.

This is the part where I would normally thank the blogger who nominated me and prompt you to visit their website but I can’t for the life of me remember who nominated me or find the post or tweet I was notified by. If I ever do remember or come across it I will update this post asap. (Year’s later, editing for a second time and I still haven’t found it yet. I’m so sorry.) Or if you’re reading this and it was you, let me know in the comments. I would like to update this post. And ensure this post gets credited to you as you deserve!

Now. Let’s get onto those 7 things I’m supposed to share with you! I can’t wait to reread all the stupid stuff I wrote when I was younger and in an abusive relationship/coming out of it.

7 Things

  1. To start off (especially since this changes once a year, currently while writing and editing this post I am 24 years old. (During the second update I turned 27. Blahh.) If I’m remembering correctly I have most of my posts scheduled up into the new year. (Not anymore!) My birthday is in December. So so young. How time can fly when you’re in the process of healing.
  2. I’m actually super nervous about going back to school but I have faith in myself and my capabilities. (I graduated with one of the highest honour roll marks in my class!!!)
  3. I’m interested in a wide range of weird things. Things like fairytales and magic, vampires, and ghosts. I love weird things like that. I mean, I am the woman who named her daughter after her fave Vampire Diaries Character. Annnnnd their Doppelganger. Of course, I’m into weird shit! 💁‍♀️ (Lately it’s been crystals and witch things. Things that help people heal in unorthodox ways.)
  4. I’m very shy at first even when the vibes are right. (This hasn’t been true for my entire life. When I was younger before being in a relationship with a covert narcissist, I was very outgoing and extroverted. I had an aura that could light up a whole room. The narcissist worked very hard to silence that part of me. But I’m getting her back. Day by day, smile by smile. I feel parts of that radiant part of me shimmering its way back into my life.)
  5. Blue was my favourite colour growing up, when I grew up I started liking Purple More, now I like both, especially together. I also love pink, especially paired with navy. And of course, anything that glitters and sparkles.
  6. I’m not big on fruits. I enjoy veggies a lot more 💁‍♀️
  7. I’m really bad at talking about myself and sharing random interesting facts about myself so this post took a painfully long time to write.

That’s It!

Well, there we have it, after a long time coming we finally have it everyone. 7 interesting facts about me and the Versatile Blogger award is now complete.

Thank you so much again to the wonderful person who nominated me. I feel that since I can’t remember who has nominated me it’s only fair to leave nominations open to anyone who would like to complete the versatile blogger award.

If you’re reading and thinking this is exactly what your blog needs right now, go ahead and consider yourself nominated by me.


That’s it for now folks. Don’t forget to hit that follow button! And Don’t forget to check out my Instagram too! And If you need any tips on Creating your very own Home office check out Part 2 of my 12 part series!

Versatile Blogger Award

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