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Success Tips for New Administrators!

All right you’ve landed the job you’re now officially an admin. Here are some quick tips to help you on your first day.

An Admin should Stay on top of everything.

You are the face everyone sees when they walk in the front door. The first voice they hear when they reach you on the phone. The people trust you. Your bosses trust you. you are the entire reason the company is still functioning!

Use standard admin operating procedures.

Admin with phone

Keep records of your people’s preferences for anything and everything.

Knowing what your uplines like and how they like it is one of the most important things. this helps you anticipate what’s coming next, and ensure that your work is being done to their standards.

You need to be an IT pro or good at learning.

As the office admin, you’re the office go-to person. You are the person people come to when they have a problem and need help. You wear many different hats. Get ready to fix many computer and printer issues under the sun.

Negotiate and stand firm on your admin boundaries.

Just because you’re the go-to person doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your personal time and sanity.

Build relationships and trust with all departments.

This helps office procedures run smoothly and helps the flow harmoniously.

Be able to anticipate needs.

Avoid saying no say yes wherever you can.

No one likes hearing the word no. It will come up of course. But try to avoid saying it when you can with a more positive option like “yes but it will have to wait until” or an “Ok but first we need to”.

Never use negative words!

Use names but sparingly.

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