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Summer Bucket List!

Hey everyone and thank you so much for stopping by! Today we’re going to talk about what’s on my bucket list for Summer 2023!

Summer Bucket list

Before we get started on my bucket list if you’re interested in the top products I am in love with and can’t go without this summer then head on over to this post!

Otherwise let’s just get on with the current post 💁‍♀️

Visit at least 5 sprinkler pads!

Make Slime

We bought a kit from our local dollar store and tried it out. The result was closer to oobleck then actual slime. But it was still fun to make together and play with. Well try a different recipe later on in the summer!

Movie Night

If I’m being honest almost every night during the summer can be turned into a movie night. We had one for the entire first week to celebrate the beginning of summer but that quickly came to an end. Yes it’s summer but sleep is still important for children my daughters age.

Especially when it comes to the ability to emotionally regulate themselves and have enough energy to make it through the day. As a single mother I don’t get a lot of time to myself too and even as an adult sleep is important so we’ve learned to keep the movie nights to the weekends. And do a good timed bedtime routine throughout the week.

Dance in the Rain

We have done this impulsively when it was raining the other day. It was really nice to just share a fun moment with my daughter where nothing else was important and we were just living for the moment.

Water Balloon Fight

We did this a couple weekends ago and it was so much fun but I personally noticed that the water balloons don’t explode on impact like they used to! They were bouncing right off of us and onto the ground before splattering.

Visit the Outdoor Pool

Go to the new pool I found!

Have a Campfire!

We have had a couple of them at the trailer!

Watch the Sunset

The little one would have to stay up pretty late for this so this might just be something for myself to do. But when she’s older and it isn’t such a huge impact on her sleep cycle!

*update* we actually watched the sunset while coming home from Toronto one night. We took the go bus and sat at the top front looking out the window. It was super beautiful and my daughter loved sitting at the top and getting to color as we looked out the window and watched the sun go down at different points during the ride home.

Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

We had a staff pot luck luncheon near the end of the school year and one of the teachers made this delicious cake and gave me the recipe. My daughter and I both loveeeeee mint chocolate chip ice cream which comes as no surprise to me considering how much I ate it during my pregnancy 🤣 but I intend on duplicating the recipe!

*update* we ended up duplicating the recipe and it was soooooo delicious. I even added my own personal touch to it which made it so much better because you can NEVER have too much chocolate.

Immersive Studios

We went to immersive studios and spent the day in Toronto it was amazing. We took the go bus there early and I packed a picnic lunch. And we spend almost the whole day in Toronto enjoying ourselves.

Center Island

This was probably one of the best days of the summer too. Along with the immersive studios. On a separate day we took the bus to Toronto then the ferry to center island. They have kid themed attractions and rides and I got an all day unlimited ride pass for my daughter and I and I do not regret a single thing. My daughter went on the same ride at least 20 times and we got so much use out of the unlimited rides pass. We enjoyed delicious food while we were there and had such a great day. This will definitely be an annual summer event for us.

Look into Beach day

The last I heard was that the water wasn’t safe to swim in but things change and I believe it has opened back up.

Trip to Wild Waterworks

I’m second guessing this one because apparently theft has gotten really bad there over the past couple of years like breaking into lockers and stealing peoples wallets and shoes. So this is a really big deterrent to going.

Go to a Local Fair

I’ve done this myself with a girlfriend. It wasn’t as great as it was in past years. I think covid has an effect. However I do plan on attending others to have some fun with Elayna!

Visit the Greenhouse

Tye Dye Towel

I have bought the towel and have a the dye kit and painters tape! We’re going to write her name in painters tape then put the the dye around it!

Paint Rocks

We have done this with some friends at the trailer and I want to take a day to do it at home too.

Go Swimming at Auntie Paula’s

Go for a walk to see the trees at gage park and have a picnic in the shade

Play lol’s with mommy!

We do this so often but the little one still wanted to add it to the list.

Paint in notebooks

We have painted rocks, we have painted on paper and canvases but Elayna specifically requested to paint in notebooks too!

Play dollies

Elayna loves playing with her babies and lately she has been laying them all on the couch together and covering them with a blanket and taking care of them. The one day we played with them and we put all 6 babies in the baby stroller and we pretended we went on the bus to the movies! Another time we put her baby in the stroller and took the dog and her baby for a walk!


Summer scavenger hunt

Ottawa St scavenger hunt

Make popsicles

We were going to do it this week but thankfully we didn’t because there was a huge power outage!

Have a spa day

Starbucks date

Go on a bike ride

Explore James st

Go to a farmers market

Run through sprinklers

Watch parent trap

I don’t think this one will be happening. We’re kinda really hyper fixated on Camp Rock 1 and 2.

Make cucumber salad

Make frozen hot chocolate

We made this, I was still full from lunch so I only made one for Elayna. But she loved it!

Make homemade ice cream

Peach festival

That’s it for my bucket list this summer. I’m so happy that we have already done a bunch of things on the list because I’ve recently caught a stomach bug that doesn’t seem to want to go away anytime soon.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Don’t forget to hit that follow button! Whats on your bucket list?


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