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Oh No! My Favorite Product is EMPTY!!!

Hi you guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to talk about my favourite product that I ran out of Friday night. It has got me sooo sad that I’m out of it. Luckily I had another one waiting to be opened. But today I’m going to share what my favourite deodorant is.

To preface this, I started using this product before I became a Norwex Consultant and it Is one of the products I absolutely love by them. It’s their prebiotic deodorant and the best thing about it is its chemical-free. If you would like to order some after reading the benefits from this article, head over to my Instagram page hit that follow button and send me a personal message saying to place an order! Or you can go directly to my website and place an order there!

First, let me tell you about all the benefits and why I absolutely love this deodorant and will never use another deodorant again (unless it’s the crystal deodorant from Norwex.)

To start, this deodorant was featured on Happi. To be honest with you I’m not too sure what that is exactly but I do know its some sort of online environment and readership so head on over and check out what they wrote about this product too if you’d like!

Products Scent!

One of the things I love about this product is the smell. Its formula has lavender and coconut in it but the coconut is what I smell more than anything and it smells delicious. for those of you who don’t like lavender, I wouldn’t hesitate too much to try this out because you really don’t smell the lavender over the coconut.

Health Benefits

On top of its amazing smell, it’s formulated to neutralize sweat odours for up to 48 hours. And the best part is that it does this without the use of harmful ingredients like aluminum, triclosan, parabens or diethanolamine. You get a lot of use out of the one stick. It has lasted me personally almost 5 months and that’s with applying it more than once a day. I would apply it in the mornings and then I would usually get a super intense workout and shower before work. So I would apply it again after I showered as well!

This deodorant is Certified Organic. And as a warning to anyone with allergies that are interested in buying this, it does contain nut-derived ingredients (palm nut, shea nut, coconut).

I have Endometriosis and have noticed a reduction in the severity of symptoms since switching to this deodorant!

How it Works

The Prebiotics nourish the “good” bacteria under your arms, helping them to flourish and reduce odours caused by “bad” bacteria and sweat. Enzymes help neutralize odour-causing compounds. Potent antioxidants fight free radicals to help keep skin healthy. Charcoal helps absorb sweat and other impurities. Helps maintain the skin’s natural pH. It is also Dermatologist- and allergy-tested and clinically proven to provide up to 48 hours of odour protection.

Can it get any better than that?

Wait it does!

The ingredients are meant to cool and refresh your skin while also providing moisture to the skin of your underarms. It also contains plant-derived ingredients so it is safe to use! It’s Vegan and Cruelty-Free. On top of all of this have a look at the photos beneath this! It is taken right from the website. The brand guarantees that the deodorant is free from all of the things on the list in the photo!

Prebiotic Deodorant product

Did you know?

Ammonia is what makes our sweat smelly. Special enzymes in this formula help break down ammonia to neutralize odours. And that the human underarm is among the most consistently warm areas on the surface of the body. Sweat itself is odourless. It’s the bacteria on the skin it mingles with that produces body odour.

Wow right!

So, if you need a long-lasting deodorant that will keep fighting odours all day, but you certainly don’t want a messy deodorant that’s laden with toxic chemicals that can clog pores and disrupt the natural sweating process and bodily functions then look no further. This is the product for you!

The Lysere Prebiotic Deodorant with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel works with your skin’s complex ecosystem. It not only fights body odours providing long-lasting protection (up to 48 hours) but also keeps your skin well-hydrated, protected and healthy-looking at the same time!

When you’re putting this on you can apply it worry-free about what you’re putting into your body and how it can disrupt your system like other deodorants.

If you have questions about the product let me know in the comments section below! If you’d like to place an order then head on over to my Instagram as I suggested and let me know you’d like to place a Norwex Order. I would be delighted to help you place an order!

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to hit that follow button on your way out! Or head on over to my latest post!

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