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Meet the Junestone

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to share today’s post with you it’s not the type of post that I’ve ever done in the past before. But I’m really excited to do this so I’m just going to jump right in.

Today I’m going to share with you an interview and some information about a band that I’ve discovered called the Junestone. I’ve been working with one of the group members in school now for a couple of months and she’s a lovely gal. When I found out that she was part of a band, I thought that was really awesome and great. Then I had the great idea to share her band with my following to send over some traffic as they try to grow their audience.

So, as I mentioned, the band’s name is Junestone. The band was formed in August of 2018 and the genre that they compose is Alternative Rock, Indie Funk, Soul and Psychedelic. The different band members are Olivia Brown on Bass and Vocals. Justin McHugh on Drums. Borys Franiczek on Guitars and Ian Aisling on Piano and Keyboard. I was lucky enough to have some interview time with Olivia the Vocalist. But before I share that, I will share a short Bio piece written by the band.


“Named for the sixth month of the year and a semiprecious stone said to protect anyone travelling by night or by water, Junestone is the innovative and illuminating musical vision of Olivia Brown, Borys Franiczek, Ian Aisling, and Justin McHugh.

Audiences are transported through endless floors of heavenly wonder as the band’s strikingly eternal love for jazz, funk, and indie alt-rock transfigures into psychedelic songs of fun and freedom. This music is for people who just want to be themselves and for once it’s fine.”

I think this is such a powerful and well-written Bio and I absolutely love what they stand for and who their music is for. “This music is for people who just want to be themselves and for once it’s fine.” This is majorly inclusive and goes well with the psychedelic theme their band takes on. Now let’s get into those juicy interview questions!

How did the band meet?

“Ian and Olivia are brother and sister (they grew up in Hamilton). Justin and Borys both grew up in Bolton and met there. Olivia met Justin and Borys at a house party in Schomberg. They were playing in a band called Butter and Olivia liked their band. Olivia had been writing songs and asked Justin and Borys to be in a band with her and Ian.”

What schools did everyone attend?

“Olivia went to Mohawk College for bass. Ian went to Mohawk College for piano. Justin went to Humber College for drums. Borys took guitar at York University.”

How did you settle on a band name?

“Borys and Olivia came up with the band name at Sauble beach. We love moonstones, we love June, and we love the beach.“

What is your band working on currently?

“We will have another demo track/music video to release in 2022. We also have four live music videos to release next year and we are in the middle of making our first album. 

  • Most of the instruments are now recorded.
  • Olivia is partway through recording the vocals.”

Any future shows coming up?

“ The Wintersong Festival, March 2022”

That is so exciting and thank you so much for taking the time to let me interview you on your band Olivia. Your band sounds super awesome and this sounds like a great way to express yourself in this crazy world. I’m hoping prosperous and good things come to you guys in the future! Thank you to all of the readers that have stopped by to check out this post today. And if you have any interest in learning more about the Junestone or checking out any of their already available content then you can head on over to these links below. Thank you so much everyone and have a great day!

Website 1 
Website 2
Instagram 1
Instagram 2 

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