This fall season I have started the movies extra early. There are so many great movies to watch and enjoy during this season.

Today i’m going to share some of the ones my little one and I have started watching so far this year. She hasn’t watched all of these with me but most of the.

Halloweentown! We have watched all 4 of them multiple times already. For anyone who knows me, you know I absolutely love this series. It’s been my favorite since I was a kid. I love the series so dearly and now my little one loves the movies too. It’s inspired a new tattoo theme. I wrote about it in one of my recent posts, my tattoo bucket list. These movies will always bring me joy.

I also watched Buffy the vampire slayer! (the movie). It was nice to pass the time. But I didn’t find it that captivating. I attempted watching the tv show afterwards and I just wasn’t catching a vibe from it.

I watched Edward Scissorhands. And I’m not too sure what’s scary about this movie. It was odd. But not scary. It was my first time watching it fully. I’d watch it again for sure. But I won’t rank it horror or fear-inducing.

We have watched Twitches. I attempted watching the second movie. It wasn’t captivating at all though. I did more cleaning then paying attention to the movie. Elayna really wants to watch the second one. I watched it before her to screen it and make sure it wouldn’t be too scary. elayna loves scary and spooky things so I think she will be ok with the second one.

We have also been loving the Muppets Haunted Mansion. My little one loves this one.

I finally watched the actual Haunted Mansion. It was really good. Better than what I was expecting and a little too scary for my little one still I think. Although she does love the spooky things.

We have officially had a Hotel Transylvania weekend! We watched all 4 movies!

We also watched the Addams family 2. My little one loves the one where they go on vacation. We will be having an Addams family weekend soon too. Including the originals and the new versions!

Wendy Wu homecoming warrior! I watched this and though it fit in well. I’m pretty sure Disney used to play it around Halloween. Its a little spooky. And I gotta say I really like how Disney tried to incorporate culture.

We haven’t watched focus focus one in a couple weeks now. Buttttt. Tonight we will be watching Hocus Pocus two!!! Were so so excited. were planning a special movie night like most of the other fans out there and I am trying my hardest not to watch it before my little one comes home from school. I can’t wait to write all about my thoughts on the movie!

What movies have you watched so far this Halloween season?

Is your family doing anything special for the release of Hocus Pocus two?

****Update: we have officially seen Hocus Pocus 2 and it was amazing. Separate review list is on it’s way!****