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Tattoo Bucket List

Hi everyone!!!! Today I wanna talk about tattoos! I really love tattoos and think they’re a form of art and self expression. Each of my tattoos has some kind of meaning behind them. I currently have 7 of them and i’m so excited to start planning my next one.

Today while on our way to a play date my daughter inspired the thought of a Halloweentown-themed tattoo. And if you know me at all, you know I love Halloweentown. It’s one of my favourite Halloween series from when I was a kid. And now that I’m older, I still genuinely love the movies and now make memories of watching them with my daughter. She loves them too! So basically besides loving halloween, the fall season and many other whitchy things, I figured it’s about time to start thinking of a halloweentown inspired tattoo.

Previously I was planning on my next tattoo being one that resembles sharks which I absolutely love and one of my favorite greys anatomy characters Christina Yang. She has referred to herself as a shark and so I think designing a tattoo that resembles the two together would be immaculate.

Sort of like my most recent beauty which encompassed Meredith with my witchy side. My artist actually free handed the facial features to match mine 🥰❤ I love the florals added mixed with the ivy. I love that the woman looks like she’s taking in the rays of the sun and divinely loving herself. And the quote is where it ties to greys anatomy. Christina and Meredith’s final scene is Christina telling Mer not to let what Dereck wants eclipse her dreams because she is the sun not him. She’s the shining light. As am I.

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But here’s the thing. I love Mer and Christina soo much. Like idk who I love more. So I need 2 tattoos for sure. One for each.

But for now, the next two on my radar will be a “yangshark” and halloweentown tattoo 💁‍♀️.

Thanks so much for stopping by! What tattoos do you have? What one is the most meaningful?

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