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Summer Must Haves!

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s blog post. I just wanted to hop on real quick and share with you guys my summer must-haves list. I have some great products that I’ve been using and I just wanted to share them with you all.


First things first I think sunscreen is so important especially to be using in the summer. But also all year round as well. I’ve started using the Lysere sunscreen by Norwex. There are so many benefits to using this and one of my favourite benefits is that it also has protection against the rays of blue light. With many of us that spend time on our tablets our computers our TVs our cell phones and so on, it’s really important to be protecting our skin against the rays that the blue light emits. That is something that this product does and not to mention it’s reef friendly too. If you’d like to know more go ahead and let me know in the comments section below and I can do a whole post on this product. It is a great product to start off your summer must-haves list with.

If you would like to have a look at some of the other Norwex products here is a link to my website!

Summer Must-Haves list

Rescue Gel

Next is the Norwex rescue gel. I absolutely love this product. It’s great for mosquito bites, bug bites for anything that’s sort of irritating your skin. It’s basically a Rub A535 or a Voltaren replacement. It is simply amazing it has got a nice light minty smell to it. One of the things that I actually used it for just before the summer started was a heat wave. I actually used a bit of the rescue gel on the nape of my neck and on my lower back and it kept me cool during the heat wave. So that’s definitely a must-have for me this summer! Get in touch with me today to see how you can get some!

Summer Pink Drink

I’ve also been really into my feel-fit appetite control from Arbonne. It’s got this nice light watermelon Kiwi flavour and I’ve actually been mixing my gut health packets and my skin elixir collagen support packets. I’ve been mixing them all together in my super cute Starbucks cup and it makes the perfect Instagramable pink drink for the summer!

It’s a really healthy really fun pink drink and it’s really really tasty as well. The ginger is not extremely overpowering from the gut health drink so it pairs nicely with the watermelon Kiwi of the appetite control powder and the skin elixir is an acai flavour. So it’s just a really fun drink and I mean when you pair it with a super cute cup to drink out of it’s that much more encouraging to get your water in for the day!

Summer Skin Care

I also have been using the naturally timeless skincare set. It is a day cream, an antigravity night cream, a firming serum and an eye cream. They have been working wonders for my skin. This is really really awesome for your skin. It’s formulated from Norwegian apple stem cells so it’s really a unique product. I started seeing results and improvement in my skin within the first 14 days of using the set. It also comes in an aesthetically appealing package and this is one of those products where you only need a very small amount. The old saying “a little goes a long way” really shines with this product.

CC Cream

Taking care of your skin is the start of a good canvas for wearing makeup. Over the summer I anticipate I will be using my Arbonne CC cream a lot. It has SPF 30 in the CC cream and it’s a super nice and lightweight formula. It stays all day it doesn’t smudge it doesn’t crease. Because it’s lightweight you don’t sweat through it or sweat it off. It’s really just an awesome CC cream to have. Because it’s Arbonne there are not any harmful chemicals or toxins or anything like that that you have to worry about putting on your skin.

Lip Balm

Then pairing that CC Cream with the Norwex timeless lip balm (which I actually wrote a post about and you guys can check that out as well) it’s like the perfect flawless combo for summer.

Jaw Clips for Summer Hair

And then of course because of the heat, I want a ton of jaw clips this summer. They’re back in style and they’re the perfect way to keep your hair up and cute at the same time! They are definitely on my summer must-haves list.

So that’s it you guys just a quick little blog post explaining what’s on my summer must-haves list. If you’d like a more in-depth post about any of the products that you have read about here today just let me know in the comments section below! I will definitely make sure that I get that done for you.

Norwex and Arbonne products really encompass something that I have been living by these last couple of years which is living a healthier and cleaner life. Both of these brands really support my mission statement of living healthier and cleaner. I absolutely love these two brands there are so many benefits from both of them. And in fact, this post is the perfect way to announce that I now sell both Norwex and Arbonne Products.

What’s on your summer must-have list?

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