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11 Baby Friendly Fall Movies

So I keep talking about how it’s my daughters first fall and fall is my favourite season. I’ve been thinking of all sorts of things like what foods can she try and what movies she can watch.

This post has been transferred over from my older website. I’ll be providing commentary throughout where applicable.

My daughter is now 5 and not a baby anymore.

I’ve decided I would like to start Introducing her to some fall and Halloween films.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what will be age appropriate. When I first wrote this post my daughter was only 7 and a half months. I want to introduce some of my favourites and classics.

I feel like there are a lot of lists of friendly movies for young children but not so much younger babies.

So if you’re looking for that you can find it here!!!

List of Movies!

Halloween Town Series:

Debbie Reynolds from Halloweentown movies.
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I’ve always loved these movies and I want her to get used to them growing up. I’ll take her out for the scarier parts. There aren’t too many though.

I also want to take the time to pay my respects to the Late Debbie Reynolds. She reminded me so much of my late grandmother. Debbie, Your films brought me so much joy and happiness. These movies are also a big part of why Halloween is my favourite holiday. May your soul rest in peace forever. 😘❤🙏

My daughter is now 5 and loves these movies!

2. Curious George boo fest
3. It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
4. Pooh’s Halloween Heffalump
5. Mickey’s Treat
6. Casper
7. The dog who saved Halloween
8. Berinstein bears Halloween treat
9. Garfield’s Halloween adventure
10. Spookley the square pumpkin
11. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I’ve never heard of a couple of these movies. Spookley the Square Pumpkin (10), and The Dog who saved Halloween (7). But they look so cute and fun. I love the dog one it totally brings a whole air bud vibe and pulls at my heartstrings. Totally tugging extra hard is the little black kitten in the pumpkin next to the dog.

I definitely feel that as long as you’re watching for your children’s reactions and either remove them during the scary parts or turn it off if babe just isn’t liking it at all then these would all be suitable Fall season movies to watch.

Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed this post.

Before you all go? What fall/halloween movie would you let your baby watch?

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Have a great day everyone.

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