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Amazon Finds You Need Now: Bathroom!

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Hi everyone! How’s it going? Are you enjoying the beginning of summer? I sure am. What better way to spend a nice day like this than looking for the hottest Amazon finds?

It’s been so long since I have written for something other than academic purposes. It feels so nice to be writing again. Do you ever just get that perfect mix of energy and inspiration? It can’t be JUST me!

In fact, I think this is my first actual post on written solely for this website.

I have a couple of posts shared already. But they were either a super quick list for school purposes or posts carried over from my previous website. My post on Digital Marketing is a great read! So it’s safe to say I’m excited to be writing in the present and from a different mindset today.

I have been thinking in more of a professional mindset these days. This makes sense now that I am officially a Mohawk College Graduate now. I graduated from the Executive Administration program on the Honour Roll, with a 94% GPA across all semesters. I didn’t think I had it in me but I absolutely did. But, my graduation and sudden urge to write aren’t the only reason I’m excited to be here today.

I have had some AWESOME Amazon finds lately and I am excited to share them with you. I’ll talk about what I absolutely loved and maybe a thing or two I didn’t! I’ll also be talking about a couple of other upgrades made to my bathroom. I wanted to give it a more calming and “zen” vibe.

My bathroom wasn’t totally drab before the upgrades, but it wasn’t the bathroom this woman wanted, desired, or deserved. And it definitely wasn’t very zen for someone who spends as much time in it as I do. (#IBSLife)

As someone living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (among other bowel issues), I tend to spend a lot of my time in the bathroom. Now that I was done with school (only finished my full-time program, still taking other courses) and had successfully applied for graduation, I wanted to spruce things up a bit. I put so much hard work into the last couple of years and I really wanted to start transforming my living space. Now that I had the time to expense on doing so I started to get down to business.

I’ll start with my largest purchase because this one is the mosttttt exciting. It’s also super bougie! My first Amazon find is:

Amazon Finds: Towel Warmer
Photo from Amazon

I bought a Towel Warmer for my bathroom. I’m always super cold, so the thought of being cold after my shower… It’s unbearable. I saw this towel warmer one day and I was so excited. I’ll admit Tik Tok talked me into this purchase. After seeing it a few times I just had to have it. It truly feels so amazing stepping out of the shower into warm towels and clothes. I have no regrets at all about buying this.

I only got a medium-sized warmer. The brand Serenelife from Amazon looked promising. I chose this one for its decent ratings, optimal size, and because it was priced in the middle of all the other ones I was seeing. It’s advertised that it fits 2 large towels but, in my reality, it fits way more. It fits my daughter’s pj’s and mine along with our 2 Norwex towels. It’s the perfect gift to pamper myself after two long years of my Diploma program. My little one has been getting lots of use out of it too!

I think the next cutest little upgrade I made was brought to you by Dollarama. For those of you living outside of Canada, this is just your basic dollar store but a chain of them. I wanted to make my bathroom feel both “Zen” and “Luxurious” at the same time. I’m pretty sure the little “cups” I got are actually candle holders. But they’re super fancy looking and cost barely anything at all. I have them on a shelf together holding some of my most used beauty products. To put the cherry on top I also added a flower to that shelf and two little baby succulents. I feel like they really help balance the zen with luxury. The “candle holders” are also quite small and can’t hold a lot of my products so it helps minimize and limit the number of products on display.

Bathroom Shelf

Another thing that worked out coincidentally well, was the Tik Tok viral toothpaste dispensers. Amazon Finds is a dangerous search topic there. I bought a 2 pack. One for my daughter and one for myself. They’re super cute and super convenient. Having them has made keeping the bathroom counter clean to my standards so much easier to achieve. Toothpaste is barely ever on the counter anymore and I never have to worry about the caps making it back on the tubes.

Amazon Finds: Toothpaste Dispenser
Photo from Amazon

Here’s where the coincidence comes in. I bought the toothpaste dispensers in a light green color. I thought this would complement the purple of my bathroom walls. Conveniently it also complements the Norwex color theme I have going on with my towels and body cloths.

I also did a little bit of impromptu painting. My shelves were just plain white with the wood exposed. Not in a good way. This looked so dull, drab, cheap, and lazy. I kept thinking “how can I upgrade this” or just make it look pretty, like efforts really been put into it.

I went to my collection of paints and instinctively pulled out the best color for the job. After finishing the outer parts of my shelf, I impulsively decided to paint both my bathroom mirrors too. It wasn’t until after finishing both mirrors and hanging the one back above my sink, directly beside the dispensers, that I realized the color I chose for the paint had dried the same color as the toothpaste dispensers. Small color coordination victory for me!

All these changes happened gradually over the course of a week or two. I soon found myself thinking “Now that the toothpaste is off the counter, and the counter has been staying extra clean, what other small adjustments can I make to keep it extraordinarily clean?” Even though I have a four-year-old, this doesn’t have to be just “wishful thinking”. There are things I can do to make this a reality. I bought this suction cup toothpaste holder that kept falling off the wall no matter how hard I tried.

Soap Dispensers

Eventually, I remembered and installed an unused shelf I had laying around. This was an “Amazon Finds” product from last year. It lifts all the other things off my bathroom counter. Since I have installed it my counter and sink have managed to stay super clean with very little cleaning needed. Except when the cat has been lying in the sink. It gets full of cat hair!

Now that I put the shelf up, I found myself feeling like the stereotypical “it girl” by this point. I ordered some super cute soap dispensers as every “it girl” does. And waited patiently for them to come in. As I mentioned I have a four-year-old so I had to make sure they were still safe for her to be using too. This meant glass or crystal-style bottles were out of the question. I ended up getting simple but aesthetically pleasing plastic ones. A pack came with two white colored ones for soap and lotion. I also added a clear-colored one which I filled with mouthwash. It makes this little shelf looks super cute.

I picked up some stick-on silver jewels to add to the white dispensers. But I haven’t decided if I actually still want to do that. It would look super cute. But at this point, I’m super happy with the overall look of the entire bathroom and don’t think it needs anymore.

There’s More!

Ok. If you’re still here and you have made it this far Great! Thank you, I appreciate you’re invested time. Here’s a quick recap of the upgrades I’ve made so far: Towel Warmer, Luxurious little cup/holders, little baby succulents and a flower, a shelf and cute soap dispensers for soap, lotion, and mouthwash and toothpaste dispensers, and a little bit of painting.

Amazon Finds: Wall Art

Next, I added a piece of artwork to the wall. It really elevated the elegance and maturity level of the bathroom. It feels so zen and inviting and goes so nicely with the fake ivy vines I hung up. I ordered a 6 pack of reversible art pieces off Amazon and got a couple of 8×10 frames for them to go in. I put three of the other photos above my headboard and that looks fabulous too. I’ll talk more about those in another post. I spent so long looking at all the different Amazon Finds videos on Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. I grabbed a package that looked just like the ones all the hottest “it girls” had for a really decent price.

Towel Bar

After that, I installed a towel bar vertically to hold my Norwex clothes. They were starting to overwhelm the little basket I kept them in, which was also overwhelming the shelf they were on. This setup just wasn’t working for me anymore. I thought the towel bar would be a good idea. It tackled two issues I wanted to solve at once. Bonus points for it looking so pretty and luxurious too! It holds my Norwex body cloths and my hair towels, another added bonus. It also helps make my bathroom look and feel very spa-like.

Amazon Finds: Black Adhesive Shelves
Photo from Amazon

I added some more dispensers to my shower. But I used the clear ones instead so I could visually tell what was inside of them without labeling them. I have a shelf specifically for my and my daughter’s shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks. I have a bunch of adhesive shelves in the shower. These aren’t new but I cleaned them up really nice and with the new dispensers. It makes all the products look a lot more organized. The other two shelves I have are for body washes, face washes, scrubs, and our Norwex Elephants (A silicone sponge). I also have a hanging basket that has some shaving oil, nail brushes, and samples I’m intending to use up. When you have little ones it’s pertinent to keep things high and out of reach.

I’m also super excited about my squeegee. After much frustration in finding the perfect one, I finally have it. I ran to my local dollarama, the one I got there was most upsetting. First swipe and it broke in half. I then found this flexible one on Amazon which was great besides the fact that the plastic squeegee part wasn’t actually working. For some reason, it was shaped a certain way that just wouldn’t actually flatten on the surface. I’ve sent that one back and ordered another from my faveee place of all, Amazon. This one delivers. It’s not flexible like the second one but it’s not flimsy and breakable like the first one. And it has a little hook spot to hang it up.

To sprinkle some more zen and peacefulness in the room, I got some fake hanging Ivy which was briefly mentioned earlier. The link I wanted to share to this Amazon finds has become inactive. I am super sad about this. However, I only grabbed a cheap package with a bunch of different vine pieces. There are tons of similar packages. I have ivy on the ceiling and around the mirrors and shelves. It is super nice and makes it feel like my bathroom is a lot more put together than when I first started decorating.

From Winners, I picked up a rotating holder from the clearance shelf. I couldn’t find what was wrong with it so it was a golden deal for me. Last Summer I also purchased a couple of things that really help elevate and organize the bathroom and they deserve mention as well. I have had an adhesive shelf on the outside of my shower. It has hooks which are great for hanging my Norwex masks up to dry and great for keeping our toothbrushes off the counter. I picked up some little mouthwash cups from the dollar store. Well actually my daughter picked them out and they complete this little shelf perfectly.

Bathroom Shelf

Last but not least for my amazing Amazon finds, I added some motion sensor lighting for the bathroom. It’s the little circle thing on the wall in the photo above. I have a lot of bathroom trips during the night and I often rely on my cellphone flashlight for lighting. But I don’t always want to rely on my cell phone. I don’t want to spend my bathroom trip in the dark but I also don’t want to turn on the bathroom light that is super bright. This would wake me up way too much. The softness of the lights that I got illuminated the bathroom in such a beautiful way and serve a double purpose successfully.

Those are all of the upgrades I made and all the wonderful Amazon Finds I had to share with you today! Some are more recent than others but all coming together nicely. It feels so nice to have completed this post and if you have made it to the end here too, then thank you so very much for sticking around. I only briefly spoke about some of the items that didn’t work out for me so I think I’ll be working on a separate post about amazon products that didn’t suit my needs and were sent back.

If you had to choose, what do you think was the most essential upgrade I shared?

What upgrade was your favourite?

Do you have any upgrades on your mind for your own bathroom?

Amazon Finds Product Links:

I have updated this post and you will now find the links within the post directly to the product I have purchased! click away my friends and enjoy creating your own luxurious home on a budget.

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