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Here’s why you need a Virtual Assistant NOW!

Hey everyone! Have the leaves started changing colors where you live yet? It’s started here in Canada and its so beautiful.

I’d like to welcome you to today’s post. Today I just wanted to share some of the reasons it’s a great idea and super beneficial to hire a virtual assistant. I’ll keep it short and sweet!

What is a virtual assistant?

You could easily break this down into two words and have a pretty quick idea of what it is. Virtual, you think of computers and technology. Assistant provokes the thought of having someone help you with a variety of things. So basically you could say a virtual assistant is someone who assists you, virtually. And while this is correct, I think the role of an assistant has become extremely more complex love the past year’s. Especially with the onset of Covid 19.

A virtual assistant is both a necessity and a blessing. From our remote locations we are able to provide support with a large range of things like contact and communication management. Document production and many trained professionals can also help manage the financial books.

What was once known as a receptionist, has now taken on many new abilities and forms that contribute incomparable amounts of support to the overall functioning of a business. We don’t just answer phones and greet client’s anymore! We’re a big reason why businesses run smoothly each day.

Who would benefit?

Small business owners would probably benefit most. The right admin should have a little of everything under their belt. High level executive assistants will have certain things like book keeping, accounting, web coding and so much more under their belt. For a full list of courses I have taken follow this link. I have taken a couple extra courses on top of my diploma that compliment my ideal skill set nicely.

But really anyone who is looking for help with repetitive and non-core tasks would seriously benefit from hiring an assistant. Small to large businesses, content creators and influencers, even people needing the extra support in their personal lives can benefit.

When should you consider hiring one?

A good and clear sign would be of you feel like your drowning in your business and you’re just waiting for the shark attack to take you clean out.

Hire before the shark comes!

Another clear indicator you need an assistant is that your business has scaled a bit and you no longer have the skills to handle and manage it alone. Maybe you’ve taken on so many client’s that you now require someone to do some bookkeeping tasks. Or maybe your advertisements have been working really well and you can no longer handle the amounts of daily emails. If you find you’re spending more time on administrative tasks then on core tasks of your business, its time.

Why you need one?

Having an assistant can reduce stress levels.

It allows you more time and freedom. You can do whatever you want with it!

You can focus more on the core parts of the business, which you are probably more passionate about. Not only will you be able to scale and grow your business, but you’ll spend more time doing what you love again while you’re at it.

My favorite reason though is that it allows you more time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Where can you find one?

A good place to start is asking around your business colleagues to see if they recommend anyone. A referral from someone you trust can be really helpful. There’s also niche platforms and freelancer website to check out as well.

How can you hire me as your VA?

Check out the Contact Me page!

At the end of the day, if you’re feeling like your business is a hot mess, if you find yourself often wishing that there was another you to take a load off your stress, the you might want to hire someone asap. The sooner the better!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

If there was one task you could delegate to free up more time in your day what would that be? Let me know in the comment section below!

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