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Cardigans for Winter: Top 5

Heeey everyone. I hope you have been having a good fall/winter so far. Today I’m here to share 5 of my Top Favourite Cardigans this Winter.

And actually, this is a post that’s been transferred over from my old blog. So I will also be providing an update on how I currently feel about my past choices in cardigans.

I don’t own any of these but these are the top five cardigans on my wishlist.

***I still currently love the simplicity of this cardigan. I’m also moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle and feel that this is a piece I might be moving toward buying as I work towards creating my take on a capsule wardrobe.***

Ardene Cardigans
Having a toddler makes me unsure if I would get this cardigan in the beautiful white/cream color. But I think a looser flowy cardigan is also important throughout the season. For very similar reasons to the previous cardigan as well.

***As I grow older I still really love this cardigan but feel like I would personally reach for something similar but maybe a little thicker for warmth.***

***I still really love this cardigan and I have track pants from the Canadiana brand that would look really cute with this. It looks cozy and perfect for dressing up or going more casual with the track pants as I mentioned. I feel like I would wear this type of cardigan to the office a lot.***

***I still really like this cardigan. Although since I initially made this post years ago on my other website I think currently I would stay away from this one simply for the length. I have a couple of longer cardigans and I find that I’m not wearing them as much during the winter unless I’m around the house. I’m not sure why honestly but I’m also a really short woman at the same time which is probably playing into this current opinion.***

Walmart Cardigans
I feel like this one would be nice to buy near the beginning of fall. The colour scheme would look lovely during fall and it would still be suitable throughout the winter season as well since it’s longer and thicker-looking. I feel like I would retire it sometime shortly after the warm weather started being consistent. I’m not sure how I feel about the colour scheme for Spring and Summer.

***I still really like this cardigan as well and it would be beautiful to wear at the office. However, I still think the length isn’t sitting right with me at this time.***

Well, there you have it. These are my top 5 cardigans for the winter season. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make sure you stop by my Twitter and Instagram for a deeper look into our style!

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